Wanted terrorist of Belgium attack had been established in Greece, but the Athens’ arrests are irrelevant, Brussels made clear


terror attack, Greecegermany_greece_terrorist

The Belgium authorities made clear that the arrests in Athens have no relation with the veteran from Syria, Belgium police had notified the Greek Police for, who appears to be  the mastermind and coordinator of the Belgium attack, and who has been found through the arrested extremists’ telephone calls, to be established in Greece .

A spokesman for Belgium’s federal prosecutor told Le Soir newspaper that two of those held in Greece were not among those suspected of being implicated in the suspected Belgian terror plot.

According to the newspaper La Libre the man, coming from Syria, and who hasestablished himself in Greece since quite some time, has coordinated theterrorist cell thatwasabout tocommit an attackagainstpolice officersand police stationsin Belgium.

Earlier on Saturday, Belgian media said authorities were seeking Abdelhamid Abaaoud, a 27-year-old Brussels resident of Moroccan origin suspected of…

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