@SusanSarandon in #Lesvos for #RefugeeSupport 


Although Susan Sarandon has not made public, nor has she announced any volunteer activity on the island of Lesvos, where she arrived on December 17th, but according to reports of the local media, she is accompanied by a tv crew, and came on behalf of UNICEF, of which she serves as a Good Will Ambassador

Even though she just announced  by a single tweet -and only- that she was on her way to Lesvos, she was spotted in a Facebook photo with Apostolis Paraskevopoulos, a well-known volunteer on the island who is coordinating a massive effort with other volunteers, in the village of Skala Sikamnias, where thousands of refugees pass daily.



Susan Sarandon ‏@SusanSarandon Dec 16 “On my way to Lesbos”


Find that on our Lesvos4Capital greek2m Homepage 




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