Italian, Greek and Albanian rescue workers have accounted for 427 people, as of Monday afternoon, Greek and Italian authorities Monday afternoon announced . It was just an hour  said.But that number fell short of the 478 passengers and crew listed on the original manifest.

450 is what the Italian authorities are claiming that is the number of passengers that were officialy on board, while 478 is the number of passengers Greek authorities are informed to have been on board, and also,is the same number of passengers that the SOS of Norman Atlantic Alert message was reporting to the Greek Coast Guard on the first moments the ferry was set on fire.
Uncountable are the cases of the passengers that were alloud to stay in their cars or trucks in the garage of the boat , due to the shortage of cabins and seats in the boat ,as lately has been revealed. An unknown number of immigrants also, of undefined identity, or medical screening checking state

some of the passengers rescued were not listed on the manifest at all, and may have been on the ship illegally. At least 10 people were kno

The first Greek victim that was announced on Sunday, the first 24h of the incredible tragedy, a man among the first who was reported to have lost his life during the rescue operation, was not him(!), as his son declared on Bridigi, when he was called to identifie the victim by the Italian authorities. Ironically, the Greek Prime Minister had early on Monday personally called him to express his sympathy

But where are our people? The relatives of 65 Greek people as the Alpha Channel announced

Some survivors were taken to Bari, and others were headed to the other Italian port Brindisi, while other rescue ships were directed to Greece, Croatia and Malta, an Italian official said.

Lots of  passengers , suffering from hypothermia or smoke inhalation, were taken directly to hospitals on the Italian mainland by helicopter.
While the cause of the blaze remained unclear, prosecutors in Bari and Brindisi said they would open an investigation. Contradictory to the data and statements made in Greece, the Italian news media reported that the ship had not passed an inspection in Greece this month. Yet an Italian admiral said Monday that the repairs had been made after the inspection and that the ship was seaworthy when it set sail on Sunday.
Europa Cruise, a ferry carrying evacuees from the Norman Atlantic ferry disaster, has reached on Tuesday morning the port of Patras, western Greece.
The evacuees include nine Greeks, among them a crew member, and six foreigners, Patra tora reports.