Secret Wermacht Archives, bought by Greece from Maryland, have been kept in drawer for fifteen years

ΑΡΧΕΙΑ ΒΕΡΜΑΧΤ ΓΕΡΜΑΝΙΚΗ ΚΑΤΟΧΗ (1).JPG400,000 secret documents of  Wehrmacht, by 160 microfilms, bought by Greece from the National Archives US service in Maryland, as the Greek Minister of Defence recently revealed, have been kept for 15 years in the drawer in the Greek Minister fo Defence, said the credible journalist for Defense, Dimos Verikios on air  on Alpha TV NEWS .

In their majority, the files have now been digitalised and show, according to the Deputy Minister of Defense Costas Isychos-,  illegal archaeological excavations in the period 1941 -1945 from the German occupators in Greece, mining precious metals and minerals, the destruction of historical monuments, destruction of logistical infrastructure and so on.

Each microfilm containing a brief description on the front page, but not enough information to be able to make a first assessment.

“These documents not only document the historical truth, they are detailed notes, calendars,and reports of the officers of Wehrmachtbericht to their superiors” told the reporters Deputy Minister Isichos.

The material seized by the Americans when they went to Berlin in 1945 is particularly important because as confidentiality contains factual and accurate information that never saw the light of day.

Kostas Isychos is visitin Moscow today , and one of the primare issues to discuss is to open a cooperation line with Kremlin, for more archival material Russia might have available to provide.


“Good afternoon comrade!”, a Russian bridge to Alexis, by Putin himself . Help might be so crucial, indeed

 Since the first three days of Alexis Tsipras election. Russian Finance Minister Anton Siluanov told CNBC that Russia would consider giving financial help to debt-ridden Greece. Siluanov said Greece had not yet asked Russia for assistance, but he did not rule out an agreement between the two countries if Greece came asking.

“Well, we can imagine any situation, so if such petition is submitted to the Russian government, we will definitely consider it


Some days later, on the peak of Greece’s negotiations with European authorities, -actually, on the same day and time of the ctitical meeting of the Greek Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis with his German counterpart Wolfgang Schaeuble, Vladimir Putin called Alexis, teasing more Berlin by his -on- the- side involvement  in the European play.

Informations leaked to several Greek media describe Alexis’ surprise when he picked up the phone,-not because he was not expecting it, ( the PM’s office was officially informed of president’s Putin intention to call the Greek PM), but because he heard Vladimir saying in Greek

“Καλησπέρα σύντροφε !” (Good afternoon, comrade), According to the same sources, Alexis answered ” Kαλησπέρα φίλε σύντροφε!” ( Good afternoon friend comrade)

Oficially, as the State NERIT Tv reported, Putin called Greek Prime Minister to invite him to Moscow on May 9th 2015, an invitation welcomed by Alexis, and which, by the way, is not an accidental invitation date for the Greek PM to visit Moscow.

Russia celebrates the 9th of May as the Victory Day to mark the capitulation of Nazi Germany to the Soviet Union in the Second World War.

As reported by the Greek Media, the phone conversation took place at 1:30 pm when the Varoufakis-Schaeuble meeting was scheduled to conclude and the press conference to start.

Putin and Tsipras reportedly talked about “all issues”.


In a statement issued by the Russian Presidency, Putin and Tsipras talked about the Ukraine and “other international issues, among them the South Stream and the Turkish Stream pipelines.

Also the Russian Foreign and Defense Ministers have invited to Moscow their Greek counterparts.

As a high-ranking Greek official had  htold media, wrote te  keeptalkinggreece blog,

“Greece wants to broaden the spectrum of intense negotiations and the pressure tools towards German intransigence.

The high-ranking official said also that the conversation took place after Putin’s request, who shows strong interest for the moves of the Greek government.”

Sorry Greeks! This is your drugs: Unknown, cheap and uncontrolled

Greeks sorry,

the haircut on your drugs 

Troika has determined the life cost and the life span for the Greeks  fatally for the lives they are left  to live , despite the lost insuranes they have worked and paid for  during their whole life  till now… 

Indeed, the new law imposed to the greek patient’s luck by the government switches the pharmaceutical therapies to a “risky pool” of multiple unknown generics imported in Greece, also from the third world, and transforms drug safety in the country to a russian roulette for the survival of the citizen, 24/7…!    


The President of the Association of  Pharmaceutical Companies asks politicians, TROIKA,  and the authorities for some empathy to show on the “whirlwind” of Greece;s genocity, while he  a reveals in  numbers how cynical the European decision making has become, for  Greeks’ life real time …




Sorry Greeks! This is your drugs: Unknown, cheap and uncontrolled.