Yes, Troika insulted the Greeks’ dignity, confessed officially Jean Claude Junkcker

The Greek SYRIZA MEP Dimitris Papadimoulis reproduced via Twitter the statements of Jean-Claude Juncker saying that the Troika has insulted the dignity of the Greeks

The President of the European Commission said that the Troika insulted the dignity of the people of Greece, Portugal and Spain, stressing that such approach is “undemocratic” and noting that “there were mistakes made”. J.C. Juncker added that the talks should be conducted on an equal level within Europe, explaining that ministers should speak with ministers, not officials, but added that the Troika should continue its work and adding that  noting that the European Commission will examine this issue

“Juncker: ‘The Troika insulted the dignity of the Greeks. Ministers must talk to ministers. Not with employees’,” wrote Mr. Papadimoulis late Wednesday on his twitter account .
 A twit that brought relief to Athens , as having expressed, finally, and confessed, finally  the violation of the nation’s dignity by the top European Commission authority .