Hope smashes Fear in Greece, Tsipras wins the Greeks’ Heart. The Greek Xperiment reaching the peak by the science of Fear

                sAMARAS THREATENING
Alexis won the Greeks in the Heart. After five years of martyric tolerance on humiliation of the most Strict and Apathetic governmets that brought everybody’s mind, and day, to the bottom line, they said, undouptedly, NO to the Fear Factory that has kept them nerveless till now… Is it that Greeks have been tugged beyond their limits?
On the same moment, Apathetically at most, the ruling austerity government of Mr. Samaras, straight and clearly decided to invest in the Fear Attack to achieve to vote manipulation of the devastaded Greek mass, and unfolded an Unshamely Producted Presentation,
But  could this Political Science of decision-capture have won the results ?
And if yes, Is it Ethicaly correct as a Communication Act towards a nation ” in Crisis?
  • Could really, fear win this election?
A plane is flying. In the cabin, the passengers are reading
newspapers or playing with their smartphones. Suddenly they
hear a voice. “Good morning ladies and gentlemen,this is your pilot. I am glad to announce that this is my first flight! You are my first passengers!” They start looking at each other in apprehension and anxiety. “We are flying at 3.000 metres. No,no,at
3.000 feet” the pilot mutters. “Or is it… hands?”
PASOK is not the only political party betting on fear to reap gains in today’s Greek elections on 25 January .
New Democracy, Primarily, intensively, and unstoppably, has been claiming  that SYRIZA will gamble with Greece’s future and points directly to the revival of a possible “Grexit” (a Greek exit from the eurozone) if SYRIZA’s leader, Alexis Tsipras becomes Prime Minister.
The Greek political system currently epitomizes the term ‘polarization’ a war of words and squabbling among politicians across the political spectrum and an enduring vicious circle of blame games that has plagued the country long before its first bailout in 2010.
In view of SY.RIZ.A’s 3-4% lead over New Democracy, Prime Minister Antonis Samaras, is attackingTsipras on a daily basis, suggesting that he has a secret and
dangerous agenda which includes leaving the Eurozone and breaking ties with its lenders.
                   Samaras seemd to have no other choice,
  • Centre- right voters, his main target group, are angry that he failed on his promise to ‘negotiate’ a more balanced implementation on of the reform programme agreed withGreece’s lenders.
  • Furthermore, less privileged and middle class Greeks feel strangled by what they deem to be unequal and excessive taxation; which only serves to enable the Prime Minster to present primary surpluses to the Troika. In addition,a stubbornly high unemployment rate (one in four Greeks and one in two young people–is unemployed) has graduallyturned traditional New Democracy voters to other options: the extreme right parties (Independent Greeks and neo-nazi Golden Dawn) or directly to SY.RIZ.A.
However, efforts to portray the SYRIZA leader as an irresponsible gambler seem to be containing some of the damage. New Democracy’s poll ratings suggest it might retain the 29% of the vote it achieved in 2012.
 But how much “scientific” could this mind control attacks have been, towards the fear- beaten public feeling in which  Greeks are condemned to live since austerity, and which has multiply escalated as an obvious communicational stratedy of Antonis Samaras  governing party to the very last moment of elections?
Absolutely yes,THERE’S IS A TRIED AND TESTED SCIENTIFIC APPROACH for gaining votes, as public research shows. Have a look on the “The Use of Fear Appeals in Political Advertisements, Analysis of the 2004 and 2008 Presidential Election”, School of Communication,American University Washington, D.C. According to the authors,
  •  Negativity used in an advertisement is a natural outgrowth of the emotional response of fear.
  •   “Theories of information processing indicate that the proportion of negativity yield influences spanning a range of judgments related to candidate construction and voting behavior, yielding effects that are different from the influence of sheer volume”

Therefore, it is crucial to understand the elements of negativity which Stevens states are proportion and volume.

With increased exposure to negative advertising, individuals are more likely to
learn about the candidates and to retain and gain information. Negative advertising not only provides a greater amount of information, but also has more clear-cut information about candidates.
Yet, it can often include character attacks (Stevens, 2007). These
character attacks are referred to as mudslinging. Stevens explains  that “while positive information is much a more powerful motivator of avoidance because individuals prioritize the avoidance of costs over the acquisition of gains” (Stevens, 2007, /p. 436).
In the case of the Greek people as a target, the point is, on this timing, WHICH AVOIDANCE OF COST DO GREEKS PRIORITIZE at this moment of austerity in their lives . fisrt.
Samaras’ government, let’s say, let the homeowners unprotected for the auctions of their first home,  while more  than 1/3 of households have become due the austerity seriously poor, and while he was swearing he would provide law protection for that issue, being for the Greek culture and psych, the most sacred cost.
Will the costs of Mr. Tsipras himself , as the negative ND campaig posistions him, be greater for the Greeks than loosing their homes? 
ND Candidates’ Negative campaign : they all keep repating the same thing: Fear for Tsipras
  “When the proportion of negative information increases, so does the impact on
attitudes and behavor” (Stevens, 2007, p. 437), voting behavor in our case .
More specifically, negative messages should be more memorable than positive
ones .Thus, the resulting research designs use the volume or number of
advertisements that an individual has seen to assess the advertisements’ probable impact: greater psychological impact is assumed to result from multiple exposures to ads.This results in the repetition of both the information and the image.
Thus, these advertisements should “cause affect for the opponent to decline; they should, at the very least, not greatly deflate affect for the sponsor; they should have a net positive effect on evaluations of the sponsor relative to those of the opponent;
and, most important, they should increase the probability of voting for the sponsor rather than the opponent” (Lau et. al, 1999, p. 857). Lau and his colleagues also concluded that these Lau and his colleagues also concluded that these advertisements are more memorable
 _80428323_greekelectioncomp  fear_0
To the point: European Elite’s well established Fear 
the EU elite’s long-standing warning against alleged threats from so-called “anti-Europeans,” by which they mostly mean Eurosceptics. At stake here is not just the (imagined) national communities or states of Europe, but the (imagined) European community and state, as embodied by the EU, says the opendemocracy. net
  This politics of fear follows the same mechanism as those described above: opponents are essentialized and homogenized, while an apocalyptic future is presented (which, of course, can only be prevented if the policies of the elite are followed). Eurosceptics are “anti-European populists” “nationalist,” or even “anti-democratic,” while the future is one of political crisis or even war.
On the bottom line, will Hope win the Fear in Greece today? It remains in a couple of hours to be seen
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Too far away the 180 Votes for the President, Mr. Samaras, you have just 155!

The vote of confidence from the Greek Parliament was the Prime Minister’s Antonis Samaras strategic move to gain more time and the image of stability for the coalition government .
All 155 lawmakers in the conservative-socialist coalition backed the vote, among them a rebel  New Democracy lawmaker and ex Minister of Health, Nikitas Kaklamanis, who returned to the conservative party some hours before the vote.
131 opposition lawmakers in the 300-seat Greek parliament rejected the vote  and two said they were voting neither way.

Speaking  spoke before all prominent party members, the Prime Minister sent messages of unity, promising brighter days to the Greeks and expressing once again his strong belief that the harsh austerity times are over. As usually, he attacked the opposition party, and personally, the SYRIZA leader Alexis Tsipras, accusing him for serving false promises to the Greek people. But this time, he insisted on asking SYRIZA votes to support his government, even after the Presidential March elections , where the government needs 180 votes of the 300 Greek  MPs

“Come together to elect the President,”  Samaras said. “We will do it anyway, without you. it would be better to do it together”
The opposition leader made clear to the government that SYRIZA will never  legitimize the agreements under which the coalition gov has dramatically engaged the country and ended the discussion calling Antonis Samaras to go directly to elections.

History shows that the vote for confidence in Greece is the last line of defense for an unpopular government, a greekrepoter article recently wrote.

In November 4, 2011, the ex Prime Minister George Papandreou had asked the Greek  parliament for confidence vote. He got 153 votes in favor and 145 against.

Two days later, he was forced to resign.

Europe this is the Success! (story, for Greece) Isn’t it ?

The leader of Opposition to EU/IMF bailout party Alexis Tsipras , 2% plus ahead of the governing party in Greece. His party , he says represents not only the leftists but also the conservatives but damaged anbd dissapointed

Europe this is the Success! (story, of Greece) Isn’t it ?.

Alexis Tsipras criticised the government for its plans to distribute the primary surplus “of unhappiness, tragedy and blood” as another attempt to gloss over things  before May’s local government and Europarliament elections.

Tsipras personally attacked Prime Minister Antonis Samaras for “trying to convince (people) about his ‘success story’ by handing out two or three hundred-euro bills before elections” and Finance Minister Yannis Stournaras, whom he called “an alchemist,” for his “disaster accounting.”

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Which are the extremists? any ideas? from the country that has born, but and also ruined sometimes, Democracy….

 by moodhacker October 3, 2013 www.


paidophile drug addict who was abusing his own child was the main witness for the procecusion of the far-right Golden Dawn members of the Parliament and their leader, as it was revealed some hours before the inquisition progress, which led finally to the release of the three of them , who are now returning back to their seats in the Greek Parliament but did send to pre-trial internment Nickos Michaloliakos , the leader of Golden Dawn.

We are not fascisits, not neo-nazis, all of them declared at the legal procedure, clarifying that the Golden Dawn is a party of Greek nationalists, who are fighting criminality, and defending public and national safety, contrary to the political “manipulations” , they commented, that accused them as a criminal organization.

The TV channels, like an unprecedented New in History Colosseum, (as successfully characterised by the veteran Journalist George Tragas on his tv show),critisized the judjes’s decision to release the three memebers of the Parliament, and launch titles like ” Dissappointment for the release of the three”, obviously reproducing the Prime Minister’s will to “squash, smash and eradicate” the Golden Dawn, as he openly stated the days before . The Prime minister also, talking to the media and at an official reception in New York, declared a triumph of his government against extremism. The term extrtemism is since then repeatedly reproduced by the greek media , -which are almost totally controlled by the government-, without anything being defined or explained to the public about the true danger and profile of terrorist extremist groups that really do pose serious threats to global safety these days. Indeed, the prosecussion of the Golden Dawn MP’s and their leader ,like a reality  TV show for the eyes of the greek and global public opinion, does resemble, as anyone remembers, almost identically, to the prosecusio n of the members of the criminal organization “17 Novemeber” ten years before . Maximizing the perplexity on the eyes and ears of the stunned public, the Prime Minister promised a follow up of prosecutions to ” anyone who is against the Eurozone and NATO “, including, this way, traditional left and communist parties that do disagree obviously  with the unbearable austerity measures of the European Leadership.


” “I will squash them” I will smash them” We will totally eradicate Golden Dawn” he said (In exact words :”Extremism seemed on the rise until very recently, but- as you might have read in the papers- we are now crushing it in a way fully within our constitutional framework and the rule of law. And I am talking about the Golden Dawn, a neo-fascist, neo-nazi party whose leader is currently in jail.  And now, Greece is the stability asset for the East Mediterrannean area”)

And this does not end here, he added, answering to the public’s  questions at the Peterson Institute for International Economics.” Apart from the Golden Dawn,it must also be addressed  the “extreme opposition”  those who speak of our exit of  NATO, the Euro and the EU, something that would be very damaging in the case of Greece”. But this, finally left almost all the oposition parties like SYRIZA, the Communist Party and also the  Independent Greeks and other parties, more furious about the new “democratic -named  dictatorship” as some political analysts  comment . With so much misery around in Greece, that hit in the last three years by an accute and non reversable manner  the lives of all  Greeks, nobody of the depressed common people of the mass can agree on such political handling. Fresh and bloody are still in all families the wounds of our recent civil war which had spread hatred and  had damaged the  greek hearts. Nobody needs more pain on these days, but some empathy , at least , to give them  the courage to go on . 


“We are naming extremists the  political activists” , underlined  the lawer of the Golden Dawn MP’s Elias Kassidiaris , congratulating however the Greek Justice for defending real Democracy by their decicion not to pre-trial his clients, since, as he explained , there were moral isues that shook the accusations .”Throughout the grueling interrogation process no indication of any minimum kind of engagement to any criminal offense,of Elias Kasidiaris or Panagiotaros, my two clinets, was confirmed, Paul Sarakis explained . “On the contrary, there were proofs of political expediences that composed the accusations, plus the identity of the main witness who is supposed to be covered by the  WitnessProtection Program, but his name  was given , by the way, to the media” (meaning the paidophile drug addict)

Sarakis, a member of the right party New Democracy snce his young age,  was expelled last week from Prime Minister Antonis Samaras’ New Democracy party after he took the case to defend the Golden Dawn spokesman. As Sarakis arraigned on the TV show of Giorgos Tragas Wednesday night , he received several political calls from the government and  the New Democracy political party that asked him to refuse to handle the case . He defined that he has no political involvement with the far-right party of Golden Dawn or the party’s ideology , but it was his  democratic right to choose how he can serve his professional duty on defending a client towards the Greek Justice.            


“Democracy is being seriously traumatized now by lots of meanings” , he underlined , and reminded again that expressions of a Prime Minister of Democracy for a political party that counts 500.000  voters ( 6,7%), like “I’ll squash them, I’ll smash them, I will eradicate them,” are completely inapproriate on these  fragile democratic  greek  times.


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