“Our common European future could merely be based on solidarity, said Tsipras in Berlin, naming War reparations a primarily moral issue.

CAzi7DHWAAAxoGMGreece’s leftwing prime minister Alexis Tsipras stood beside German leader Angela Merkel and demanded war reparations over Nazi atrocities in Greece on Monday night, even as the two leaders sought to bury the hatchet following weeks of worsening friction and mud-slinging, wrote the Guardian minutes after the Press Conference of the two leaders in Berlin .

It is the first time  a Greek Prime Minister sets the issue of Germany’s debt and reparations to Greece, as a common part of the two countries’ and Europe’s past and history, which has been paid by “blood”, Tsipras underlined. Looking to the future of United Europe,  which Angela Merkel has emphatically mentioned during the press conference, Tsipras said that it could not, but be based on solidarity.

“It’s not a material matter, it’s a moral issue,” said Tsipras, unusually insisting on raising the “shadows of the past” at the heart of German power in the gleaming new chancellery in Berlin. It is believed to be the first time a foreign leader had gone to the capital of the reunified Germany to make such a demand, commented the Guardian.

Merkel was uncompromising, while appearing uncomfortable and irritated. “In the view of the German government, the issue of reparations is politically and legally closed,” she said.

0,,18220773_401,00 Tsipras did react well by defending Merkel when the Nazi issue came up —

saying that Spiegel’s front-cover showing Merkel among the Nazis in Athens was “extremely unfair to the chancellor, and to Germany”.

CAyzJdVU8AAuH09Greek PM added,

“I shouted when I saw [Nazi] cartoon in my own party newspaper.”  “History shouldn’t be joked about.”

Alexis Tsipras and Angela Merkel hold press conference after debt talks – as it happened, by Guardian