Travelers watch out for #PublicHealth Threats in #Greece due to #Garbage Cleaners’ strike -Greek to me !

Every next day that garbage remains exposed under the sun the risks of sepsis and more are multiplied, official Public Hygiene Guidelines released by the Greek CDC, (hcdcp), remind, while the situation in Greece had never been so risky before, since five days plus, overflowing household rubbish remain in the Greek cities’ streets , with temperatures expected to reach the 40 Celsius within the next days , and the garbage are not expected to leave within the whole coming week

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“Hold your nose” while landing in rubbish, said for #Greece while Mayors warn of #PublicHealthEmergency – Greek to me !

It’s a Public Health Emergency, the President of Mayors of Greece said, while the cities woke up in the hottest day of the summer so far in Greece by the stinky  odors of the a five days’ garbage mount all over the streets…

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#Flu death toll in #Greece reached 51, but “is that only”? -Greek to me !

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Government attacks @guardian Report on Hospital Infections In #Greece. Here are the facts #HAI 

The Greek government alleged the recent article published by British media outlet “Guardian”, which outlined the conditions in Greek public hospitals, and HAI , saying it was more was more or less a fabricated piece of reporting….
All the updates and the precise published data  about HAI in Greece, what is done and is not, on our fully updated page, January 3, 2017 

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The Show-Me State Shows Us How to Combat #HumanTrafficking, Human Rights First

The Show-Me State Shows Us How to Combat Human Trafficking | Human Rights FirstPassed unanimously on May 15th, the motion will create a unit consisting of “sitting Representatives, Senators, some members of non-governmental organizations, and a variety of other affiliated groups that would have input on the best way to combat the trafficking issue in Missouri,” said State Representative Elijah Haahr (R-Springfield). This entity will help raise awareness, recommend more effective legislative action, and perhaps most importantly, provide agencies and organizations with a central hub for data collection and sharing.

by the The Show-Me State Shows Us How to Combat Human Trafficking | Human Rights First.

The Show-Me State Shows Us How to Combat Human Trafficking | Human Rights First

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Whatever the cost, the schock, the threat, Empathy never ends for victims on the victimized Greece, Lesvos port, Aegean islands, April2015



#Tsipras asks for the Revision of #DublinII treaty, condemns far-left approach on migration


The Dublin treaty has to be revised, said Prime Minister Tsipras after his meeting with the EU Commissioner on migration Demetris Avramoulos, who also said, that Europe is aware that “something has to be changed” with the migrants’ populations entering Greece. “The need of a national strategic on migration is more urgent than ever”, said Alexis Tsipras, emphasizing on the same moment, that migration in Geece is primarily a European solidarity issue.   The “previous Greek governements have let the country transform to a warehouse of souls”, said the Prime Minister.

Also the tackling of migration has been left during these years mainy to the Police, nurturing ,at the moment as a problem, the contradictory appoaches of far-left,”


The Aegean islands’ “migrant- tsunami” , Greece’s biological bomb

Yesteday , Monday 6, the police officers of Kos revealed the creepy situation and the pictures from the islands’ Polie Department , shoking enough fot the eyes of the world, just on the moment the 2015 tourists start to arrive, or plan their vacations to Greece


Nearly 3,900 illegal migrants that made their way to the Dodecanese islands of Kos, Leros and Kalymnos in the first three months of 2015 are being housed in abandoned buildings and in one isle’s police precinct courtyard.

In the police headquarters of Kos, 236 migrants, are staying on the moment speaking under abominable conditions. According to local press reports, the police officers on the eastern Aegean island, Kos, have refused to hold more than 35 illegal migrants in the station holding cells.


The report comes one week after the denouncemenet of the Lesvos island Coast Union, which revealed that over 3000 migrants have arrived on the island since the start of 2015.

Basic concern among Coast Guad and Police officers of the eastern Aegean islands, is the fact that the migrants remain unchecked for communcable diseases. The president of the Union of Police Employees of Kos Antonis Kydonakis, denounced that no health checks are performed on the migrants who hail from sub-Saharan Africa and were smuggled onto Greek territory, with the police unionist pointing to worries of communicable diseases for police staff and their families.


This situation violates the URGENT binding directives, sent in October 2014 by the Ministry of Health and the Greek Center for Disease Control (HCDCP), the Circular, that has been adressed to the staff of all the First Reception Centers and the Immigrants’ Detention Centers , the Coast Guard, the Greek Police, border guards and all the personnel involved in the procedures of the management of the illegal immigrants newcomers .

By the Circular, they’re described in detail all the preventive measures that are required, by clear and simple instructions,, primarily for the direct identification of the origin country of the incoming immigrants, and also for the necessity of making obligatory the immediate medical evaluation.

The Circular that had made obligatory the medical screening of the migrant populations upon arrival, was urgently activated on the Ebola scare period of 2014, even though the Communicable Diseases threats are much more than Ebola, and always urgent. Multiresistant tuberculosis is among the diseases that are detected on migrant populations that have entered Greece, and also locally acquired malaria ,since 2011 in Greece, brought by immigrant populations originating from malaria endemic countries. Transmittion of the communicable diseases from the migrants to the Greek poulation and the World Health Village, is considered a biological bomb for Greece, since the immunity of the trafficking populations has become very low , all their way to Greece through the trafficking roads.

As it has become obvious, even under the deadly scare of Ebola,  medical screening of the migrants upon arrival has never been applied, despite the Strict Recommedations of the Greek CDC, setting in danger

Most of the illegal migrants landing on Greece’s islands are ferried by migrant smugglers operating in Turkey, although larger freighter aloaded with their human cargo have been identified as sailing from other points in the eastern Mediterranean and North Africa.

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What a mess with Ebola Protection on the the Aegean islands. Worldwide Preparedness reveals on European Borders the so stinky gaps

The Emergency Response Measures and Guidelines of the Greek CDC for the illicit immigrants’ Entrance Points and Reception Centers in Greece

The Circular
Updated guidelines for the prevention of Ebola virus at the entrance points of the illegal immigrants in Greece has set the New Circular released by the General Secretary of Public Health, that is addressed to the staff of all the First Reception Centers and the Immigrants’ Detention Centers , the Coast Guard, the Greek Police, border guards and all the personnel involved in the procedures of the management of the illegal immigrants newcomers .
By the Circular, they’re described in detail all the preventive measures that are required, by clear and simple instructions,, primarily for the direct identification of the origin country of the incoming immigrants, and also for the necessity of making obligatory the immediate medical evaluation.

The Medical Screening Teams in the Detention Centers and the First Reception Centers, are required to complete a Screening Sheet with the travel history of the new coming immigrants , IN DETAIL, from the immigrants’ origin countries, and down the routes of trafficking that brought them to Greece. By this procedure any immigrants that might derive from West Africa .it is obligatory to be tracked

In case migrants have to be put into compulsory attendance for 21 days, the Medical Screening Team is asked to send daily to the Greek Center of Disease Control, (HCDCP/KEELPNO) a completed special form for the “Daily Statement of New Entrants Persons Affected countries. “


• Special Training and education Program

A special Training, Information and Education Program is carried step by step and to all the Aegean islands and the border areas as to urgently shield biologically the the country from Ebola virus

The intensive Program which has started since the mid of October , is implemented by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (HCDCP) at the entrance gates of the country,
with particular emphasis on the North Aegean islands, Dodecanese and Evros, where mostly illegal immigrants arrive. These days the Program is taking place at Rhodes island, the premier arrival point in terms of numbers , since the summer months of 2014.

The Greek CDC (HCDCP) stressed in a statement that, the information and training of the existing staff at the entrance points of illegal immigrants and the Detention Centers is considered essential for the preparation and shielding of the country from possible Ebola case introduction involiving all the staff of the Immigration, Citizenship and Identity Centers, the, Security Forces (Police, Coast Guards) , Regional Asylum Offices, Border Guard Service, as well as health professionals involved in the reception, management and treatment of new entrants people without legal documents.

Below is the Program of the Training and Information with indicative dates as it is developed and organized by the General Directors’ and the Presidents’ office of the Greek CDC by the Zoonoses Department of Epidemiological Surveillance and Intervention Office of the Greek CDC( HCDCP/ KEELPNO), and is implemented with the cooperation of local stakeholders
1. Region of Northern Aegean (EE Lesvos and Lemnos, Samos and Ikaria EE, EE Chios)
On 11/18/2014:
• GN Mytilene “Vostaneio”

• Health Centers Antissa, Kalloni Plomariou, Polichnitou,

• First Reception Centre Lesvos
• Identification Center of Lesvos Greek Police
• Central Port of Mytilene
• Police Department Lesbos
• Regional Office Asylum Lesbos

On 19/11/2014

• Samos General Hospital “Agios Panteleimon”
• Health Center Karlobasioy
• First Reception Centre Samos
• Central Port Samos
• Police Department Samos
• Center for Immigration Citizenship and Identity Greek Police Samos

On 21/11/2014

• Skylitseio General Hospital of Chios
• Health Center Pyrgi
• Central Port of Chios
• Police Department Chios
• Center for Immigration Citizenship and Identity Greek Police Chios

On 25/11/2014
• G.N.- Health Center Lemnos
• Port Myrinas- Lemnos
• Police Directorate Limnos

On 11/27/2014
• General Hospital – Health Center Ikaria
• Health Center Evdilos
• Central Port Ikaria
• Police Department Ikaria
2. Regional Section Evros

On 11/24/2014
• University Hospital of Alexandroupolis
• 216 KICHNE Alexandroupolis
• Centre for Health Feron
• Regional Office for Southern Evros Asylum
• Police Directorate of Alexandroupolis
• Border Guard Services of Lucky and Feron

On 26/11/2014
• General Hospital Didymoteichou
• 219 KICHNE Didymoteichou
• Health Centers Soufliou, Orestiadas, Righteous
• First Reception Centre Orestiadas
• Police Department Orestiadas
• Center for Immigration Citizenship and Identity Greek Police Ebro
• Border Guard Services Didymoteichon Orestiadas, silk, Carp, New Vissa
3. Regional Section Dodecanese:

On 12/02/2014
• General Hospital of Rhodes
• Health Centers and Archangel Emponas
• Regional Office Asylum Rhodes
• Police Directorate Rhodes
• Central Port of Rhodes

On 12/03/2014
• Vouvaleio General Hospital – Health Center Kalymnos
• Police Department Kalymnos
• Central Port of Kalymnos

On 04/12/2014
• State Hospital – Health Center Leros
• Police Department Leros
• Central Port Leros

On 08/12/2014
• General Hospital – Health Center Kos
• Health Center Antimahias
• Police Department Kos
• Central Port CosAegean ditch



Syrian Exodus drowing into Aegean waters , another tragedy . 7 Syrian migrants and two children drown off Greek island, two still missing  

Mar 19, 2014

 The bodies of seven undocumented migrants, among them  two children, were discovered in the Aegean Sea on Tuesday, March 18,as by the local news and the Greek Shipping Ministry was announced.

Authorities said they had recovered the bodies of seven immigrants, including two children, who drowned overnight when a boat sank in the eastern Aegean Sea, 2,8 miles of Lesvos island,  after travelling illegally from nearby Turkey.

The Merchant Marine Ministry said eight other people were rescued near the island of Lesvos. Two of the dead were found in the water off the coast of the island, while the other five were recovered from their semi-sunken boat. The mayour of the island , Dimitri Vounatsos, empahsised , talking on air, that the sea was calm, but the boat sunk accidentally due to panic induced among the migrants’ group when they were approached by greek coastguard.

For one and more days, the authorities have been still searching for two more migrants believed missing from the boat. Three coast guard vessels, a helicopter and private boats were involved in the search.

The migrants’ nationalities were not immediately known,according to the Greek news and the Associated Press, but the mayor revealed some hours later that they were Syrians.

Sea tragedies occur quite often in the Aegean Sea, as thousands of migrants attempt to enter Greece illegally from its neighboring countries each year.During the past weekend the Greek coastguard detained 64 undocumented migrants off Lesvos island’s coasts 

From the early start till October 2013, 4,409 migrants attempted to enter Greece through Lesvos island, which stands just six miles away from mainland Turkey,  the BBC reported on a video documetnray. Of those, 2,600 were arrested on Lesvos island and were held on the detainnee center. “Non-Syrians stay for around 25 days there  before being given papers that order them to leave Greece within a month. Syrians, due to their country’s civil war, are released more quickly and allowed six months in Greece” adds the BBC 

 But after Polio striked  since November 2013 as an epidemic cluster on Syria children, the WHO and the ECDC orderd extra vigilance  and caution for the European countries importing Syrian refugees, and that means, primarily Greece, and mostly Lesvos.   By the  BBC report, Lesvos Aegean island, the Greece’s third largest, a place of extraordinary natural beauty – but now one of Europe’s key immigration frontier” as the BBC notes, “holds the first spot on the European immigration inflow “. And it is there, local authorities reports say, where the half, and more, of the immigrants entering Greece on the latest months are Syrians and Syrian families.

It is now the Greek CDC,(HCDCP), under a nightmare surround of a Health system crumbling to pieces day by day due to austerity measures, which is called to shoulder this world’s Urgent responsibility, and it’s not the first time for Greece.  It is , though, the first time in Modern world, that a country impoverished on such a level Noone OF the modern world still can imagine, to hold the Unbearable of protecting the safety of the Global Health Village, while nobody From this country -except the very experts- at least cares for that!……. 

Due to the special peculiarities of our country, such as the immigration and  the refugees inflow from  areas as Pakistan Afghanistan, Nigeria and recently Syria, where polio is endemic“, the Greek CDC announced, “surveillance on Poliovirus has become more than ever urgent, as it is the urgent need for the strengthening of  immunization programs  in  populations with low vaccination coverage, as the Roma, gypsies and illicit immigrants.” 

It is less than five years ago, when Greece was proud for its Public Health shield, that could, really guarantee for the biological safety of the guarding Gate of the West , a Gate that this country happens to be since thousands of years, as a geographical spot. 

Even by embracing the thousands of illicit immigrants since the start of the millenium, Greece was managing to withhold critical epidemics, like also the pandemic, by Alert Action Plans, scheduled and elaborated by the Greek CDC, and by even paying for the expensive therapies of the immigrants whener -and for whoever of these was found infected by communicable diseases (such as the HIV since the very early days ). And, indeed. Greece was standing proudly towards the New era of the Global Public Health Alert, which happens to light up now in the around  Greece area, in  Eastern Mediterranean, were nations, cultures and human masses merge on these days in a flammable pot. Greece holds the scrap of this melting pot, the 90% of the illicit immigrants who enter Europe,( by FRONTEX 2012)  on the crossroads of East and West , North and South, but by keeping also the keys of Europe, and the guarantee of Public Health Safety on behalf of Europe towards the WestAnd here comes the Polio .

The Greek CDC (HCDCP), -by any cost that political efforts demand to convince a chaotic and paralysed state by its governors, as Greece is at the moment- has maximised since October 2013 the National Alertness and Preparedness efforts to prevent an outbreak of polio in Greece, which will enter Europe on the same moment.  Epidemiological , laboratory and environmental surveillance of poliovirus have been strengthened on parallell with the intensification of  immunization status monitoring of infants, children , adolescents and adults, and the completion of their vaccination against polio, in both the general public and the special populations with low vaccination coverage, such as gypsies, mobile populations, migrants, refugees and asylum seekers.

 Also, the Greek CDC has informed by all the up-to-date documentation, following the Global Travel Health Principles, the ambassadors of countries where polio is endemic for the need to vaccinate their citizens in order to obtain visa  to enter Greece. The Greek CDC (HCDCP) also issues Guidelines on vaccination for travelers to and from countries considered high risk on poliovirus.

Besides, the Greek CDC ( HCDCP) has already  introduced  since March 2013 the  polio vaccine  in the scheduled action of  the  immigrant reception centers at the northern land frontiers of  Greece, Evros and Aegean islands, of course.

 Still, it remains a lot to be done to avoid an Armagedon. To learn why Greece’s Armagedon is in the air(!), go to our full story of Greek to me !

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