Gambling on instincts and the power of TV: the unique Greek Elections combat

               It seems like the audience finally knows who is performing for fake. The Greek population since the start of the Crisis has experienced a deliberately dirty play of minds on what is the truth and what is the lie. Plus, the Greeks have been the victims of the Most wrong and Non-ethical communication that should be addressed to a nation in Crisis.

“Mr. Samaras you can never win Tsipras”, said bravely Nikos Hatzinikolaou on his air show on Real Radio Tuesday morning, strongly denouncing the ex-prime minister’s practices of the Pre-election period of trying to terrify the public and on the same moment denying any press interview or debate before elections, at least to support his arguments , Hatzinikolaou said , that Tsipras is “so dangerous for Greece”
“Mr. Samaras , the Right party voters in this country have had leaders that were such gentlemen” , he added, commenting on the first-in-the-world behavior of protocol biasing of Mr. Samaras, that let Alexis entering an empty Prime-Minister’s office, with no ex-Prime-Minister delivering to him, with No-one of the ex-gov delivering Not a Paper to the new government , and having left empty closets, empty PC’s and not even Soap in the toilets of the Prime-Minister’s Palace(!), an obviously Not Democratic procedure that humiliates the vote and the voters themselves.
“Mr. Samaras, now you are hiding from the election result? You were hiding from the debates and the interviews till now. You gave a fiasco interview to your government employees on National Television before elections, where you also said the Good Night close up !” (find more on that here ).

“You lost, Mr. Samaras, you lost 8-O. Still, you keep say you didn’t . It’s a huge gap. You will never win Tsipras!”

Results by Propaganda

But how much really did succeed the Memorandum governments in Greece of the last 5 years to divert public opinion and achieve a political manipulation level based on terrifying the Greek people in the name of Europe?
For the media people who have served journalism in the name of Truth (-everybody of them was “expelled” from powerful communication jobs after the Olympic games), and kept doing that in bad and good days, it is so obvious:
TV people have been transferred to the Political Parties, after the 2004 Olympics, and since then the nation is approached by it’s “propaganda experts”, simply as being a tv audience.

The Fake trick of Crediblity
In the way the credibility of the ex-powerful main tv channels had deflated to below the 10% in ratings , but were still being presented to the viewers as leading successfully the public opinion, in the same, exactly way, the Parties of Pasok and New Democracy kept bleeding their voters, but presenting their power to the public as leading ,in polls and popularity. Polls are another tragedy of Greece’s Non-Freedom of Press chapter, for which more is going to be revealed, the new government of both Syriza and Independent Greeks now promise, since, they denounce, it was an orchestrated act, -with a plan for the voters manipulation, they keep saying .

But interesting is that ity was the same persons battling for Myths and Truths on the Political scene, that had made their career on TV, on convincing audiences or not, caring for the audience, or not

In the years of Mr. Samaras, Myths were convincing, indeed, powered by the Fear tactics by which the day reality was wrapped, as to sooth the day-to-day humiliation of any household’s life.

But thankfully, for the pride of Communication itself, the audience proved that cannot be fooled to the very end.

Let us introduce you the key Communication players in this last Election terrain , the most critical one Greeks have participated in on Greece’s modern history years


Terence Quick : He is the original of Greece’s TV. Believed, beloved and popular at most. Terence never cheated the audience, never presented lies on TV News. First among firsts he remained popular and credible throughout a long decade, during which his presence on the News was bringing to the channel ratings, often, bigger even than 50% His presence in the Independent Greeks Party helped a lot on resisting to the dirty media games that presented the I.G. Party as having dissapeared on polls proved to be fake


Theodor Mixopoulos : Brilliant, modest, and a long life idealist Theodor has been the soul of the most successful TV News programs on Greek TV for more than two decades, bringing on air from backstage the accuracy, the ethics and the speed to the viewers. Extreme humanitarian sensitivity was always the core of his character, clarity on journalism and honesty in his life have been his traits. Coach of lots of the most provided tv persons on Greek tv , he supported with unexpectable success the election campaign for the municipality of Athens on May 2014, and became the “brain” of this critical national elections for SYRIZA which brought Tsipras on top with a huge gap from Samaras. Being a leftist sicne his young age, he was always, though, the brain in the modern capitalistic Greek tv


Giannis Mixelakis: Journalist, wannabe Newscaster (like Terence Quick) during all his career. He joined Ant1 tv as a director when Terence had left, but In his hands Ant1tv fell in ratings even lower than 10% . During the 2004 year and after, while the ex-New Democracy Prime Minister Karamanlis was ruling the country, he did not support politically, as News director on Ant1 News ( which was the channel of the right party audience), the New Democracy of Kostas Karamanlis, actually he often did the opposite, not accidentally, as it finally came out. .He joined ND as soon as A.Samaras became president of the party. He became minister of Samaras twice on the Memorandum government, and has served by his media “knowledge” on the communication strategy of elections, polls and “auduence results’ He was not finally elected PM on this eletions, and also, he is charged with a serious file for bribery , even though the file never came to Parliament as SYRIZA denounces