Promachos , the first line of battle for “a city without a soul”. Is this what the film Promakhos is about ?……

moviePromakxos PROM “…No ancient stones are going to wake up this generation.

A city without a soul is just a mob.”

Holding our breaths for such a bitter phrase never to come true, the Greeks, crave some hope through the words of the movies nowadays, which obviously say things more bravely than actually the live soul of the nation could do. As is ,the “Someone has to stand up for Greece. Make the case for her”, the most powerful phrase of the Promakxos movie , which tells the Elgines’, and not only, Greece’s story to the world on behalf of a decrated soul of a nation .

A nation in crisis…

A town out of hope…

The battle for the return of the Parthenon Marbles to Greece has indeed begun. The new film, which is going to premiere at the end of November, is a Greek, French, and British co-production directed by Greek-American directors Coerte and John Vourhees.

It is a courtroom drama that tracks the legal battle waged by two Greek lawyers for the return of the Parthenon Marbles. The name of the film was inspired by the statue of Athena Promakhos which we all know is used to defend the Parthenon in antiquity.

But What does the ancient Greek word Promakhos mean? It is spelled Promachos and according to Wikipedia

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 In ancient Greece and during the Byzantine era, the Promachoi (singular: Promachos; Greek: πρόμαχος) were the men fighting in the first rank of the phalanx.[1] [2] The word can also be used as an adjective as in “promachos line”[3] referring to the first line of battle.It may also refer to Athena Promachos, the famous bronze statue by Phidias that towered over the Parthenon.

The first use of the word is recorded in Homer’s Iliad[4] and since then it has been used all through antiquity, the Byzantine years up to the modern times.

Source Hellas Frappe