France and Italy do stand against the Merckel- Austerity- Europe now. Greece does not, as if austerity never hit its people at all. What an apathetic Greece for the Greeks!

MILAN — With Europe once again rattling global markets, many of the largest European countries are now rebelling against the German gospel of belt-tightening and demanding more radical steps to reverse their slumping fortunes.

One after another, European leaders arrived in Milan on Thursday for a summit meeting with their Asian counterparts, smiling for photographs despite gloomy financial news this week of stock markets tumbling and borrowing costs shooting up, especially in Greece, evoking memories of the euro crisis two years ago.

In past years, however, the eurozone nations buckled under to German demands to slash budget deficits and roll back public services, and then watched in dismay as unemployment rates shot into the double digits and growth collapsed. Now, France, Italy and the European Central Bank have coalesced into a bloc against Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany, and they are insisting that Berlin change course.

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Greek Social Clinic to the Greek Austerity governments : You are killing the Greeks by intention, you will be judged for mass murder!

Poverty-Pushes-Greek-Parents-to-Give-Up-Children The Metropolitan Social Clinic started an Unyielding and Uncompromising struggle vs. the Greek Ministry of Health trying to prove that Greeks are cannibalized by intention, by recording and bringing to light cases of people who have paid seriously by their health or even their lives the Greek austerity politics,  due to the prolonged crisis and the lack of access to health services which have harmed their health. By the occasion of a recent German activists’ movement which has brought the Greek austerity health harm to the Greeks’ lives to Hague ,for a wide range of health detriment that the political measures have caused to the Greek population, the Metropolitan Social Clinic, invites all citizens of the country who belong to such social  groups to contact the Social Clinic for registering all incidents and provide their cases to The Hague tribunal. “We collect data for these violations for more than one year now, since the operation the Health issues Observatory center has stared, and we systematically record all the developments in the field of health”.. as to stand next to the helpless Greeks who face their life scare due to politically addressed harsh and inhuman measures, who cut lives by cutting costs, underlines the recent announcement of the Metropolitan Center at Hellinikon, and asks all Greeks to address their problem on the Centers’ website ” Moreover, almost every day, we do continue fighting in many levels, as well as with the Ministry of Health and the public administrations of hospitals, so that our uninsured patients can receive the necessary medical care without paying any cost, being in most cases long-term, unemployed and completely destitute citizens. A few months ago, German activist Sarah Luzia Hassel-Reusing has filed a lawsuit to the International Criminal Court in Hague against anyone


who has cotributed to the harm of the Greek population lives, with the suspicion of crime against humanity, via the systematic and widespread damage to the the Greek population Health by intent. For more on how austerity is Killing the Greeks, visit our Genocide Page on

NERIT Resignations Suggest Press Manipulation |

two governmental top resignations from the governmental Greek National Channel, September 12, 2014

NERIT Resignations Suggest Press Manipulation |

Greece, show me Democracy


How todays’ reality in Greece is traumatising human beeings, the Nation as a whole, the Ethics of the West, and the human mind. Two more incredible stories came in light  and really shocked the public who feels threatened and vulnerable as never again in modern history. A 90-year old woman  who suffers from Alzheimer was arrested by the police and had to be put in jail, for owning 5,000 euros to taxes. She was kept for ten days under a terrible moral and biological shock in a Psychiatry Clinic under the status of a prisoner, without anything else possible that could be done to overcome the strict regulations according to which the state simply and cynically demands it’s money to save for… surplus. The 90year old Greek Woman had lived a decent life…

Greeks now only fear, who’s coming next…..?Image

On the same days, a real shock for the Press and the Public reveals the cruel face of this government , as six men, one of whom is alleged to be a member of the country’s secret service, were charged on Thursday 27 by a prosecutor with forming a gang that plotted to assassinate the prominent journalist Kostas Vaxevanis, who had dared to publish the Lagarde list of over 2,000 Greeks with accounts in a Swiss bank, when austerity program started in Greece. A woman, who was later taken into  witness protection program had appeared at the offices of Vaxevanis’ news magazine Hot Doc,confessing  that she was employed by a group of EYP, the National Intelligence Service,  operatives, who had rented an office at an address near HotDoc and whose aim, she explained, was eputation and then to kill him…..Image

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