“Do they want to support us to have growth… or punish Greece as an example of the future of a country with a left government…Greek MFA to Reuters


Greek Foreign Minister Nikos Kotzias said talking to Reuters on Friday April 24, that he respects Germany but not the German politics, nor does he respect the way Berlin views Greece’s economy,  which faces the prospect of running out of money if it cannot agree to new bailout terms with creditors.

“Do they want to support us to have growth… or do they decide to have Greece struggle, to punish Greece and to create an example of what happens to a country that has a left government,” Kotzias said at the end a four-day visit to Washington and New York.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel said in Brussels on Thursday that everything must be done to prevent Greece from going into bankruptcy.

However, Friday’s meeting of euro zone finance ministers in Riga brought a stark warning to Athens that the new elected government will get no more aid until a complete economic reform plan is agreed.

“So you are not giving a solution to Greece, you press the Greek government? What can be the solution? Golden Dawn is coming. Nobody has an interest in that, so that is why they will find a solution,” said Kotzias, highlighting the far-right political party that is the third largest in parliament.

2368c790b7e03a11740f6a70670021ec go to the Reuters article

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