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Tsipras : Yianis, a great asset for our gov

“Allow me, Yianis Varoufakis is a great asset for our government” , was Alexis Tsipras’ answer to the malicious Greek and international opponents of the Greek Finance Minister, who rushed to spread the news of a “split” between him and the Greek Prime Minister as soon as Tsipras announced the reshuffle of the Greek negotiations group on Monday April 27, after the Riga Eurogroup. The same night, the Prime Minister gave a live interview to one of the least  most credible Greek journalist’s tv show, where also he was questioned live by greek citizens .

Alexis spoke with true appreciation for Varoufakis political contribution to Greece’s efforts for a more humanitarian and growth firendly deal with Europe and made clear that

“Varoufakis is an asset for the country. He has annoyed them because he speaks their language better than they do. He insists on his opinion. But the negotiations do not belong to one person, the prime minister has the overall rersponsibility.”

adding also that negative climate against the finance minister is obviously part of the negotiating practice.


Greece’s alternate foreign minister, Eucleid Tsakalotos, will head a new policy negotiating team as to strengthen Greece’s bailout talks with the country’s international creditors, as Monday morning was announced by the government During a meeting between senior government officials late Sunday, “the support to the Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis, who has been targeted by international press, has been reconfirmed,” top govt official said .

“Bullied” @YianisVaroufakis, still “too smashing as a Greek”, answers by Roosvelt’s words


Blamed as irresponsible and gambler, Yianis Varoufakis was “bullied” worse than ever this time after the Eurogroup in Riga. His reputation has been obviously attacked, but not  necesserily hurted

On the weekend after, he personally chose to answer with the words that US President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s had used for his speech in  1936 on the eve of a national election.


Whatever the comments and articles of the european press might have been,  unstoppably for 100 days for the new leftist governmenet, and especially for Yianis Varoufakis, the  schocking, finally, is not What German and European media say, but the extend of the provocative articles, and the repetition of them,  the bitterness of the comments, and the audacity to offense the New political faces of Greece( him first, and the leftist governement as a whole) to the international audience, just by being media, (European -German approved media,) that “know to tell the truth the way they want it.”

This, as it comes out,  is probably widely ok among the assumed to be credible european press. Besides, it explains within Greece, three months after the political change, the propaganda of mock news, imposed in the interior of the country by the 5 years of memorandum governments which continue of course to be now on their peak .

Thanks God, West is not only the European West , and the world is not only Euro. On the other side of the Atlantic, Varoufakis, let’s say, has a completely different status and face in the eyes of public opinion , and the worlds’ think tank, as well.

2nd top thinker of the world Yianis Varoufakis

Varoufakis Second World Thinker on Globe, Just voted worldwide, by the Prospect Magazine March 25, 2015

Worldwide Varoufakis has been been voted during the recent three months second top thinker of the world (before Namomi Klein on the List), and the Business Insider included him on its list of the 20 most interesting men in the world. .He easily exchanges his views for the world’s and Europe’s economy with Nobelists  and think tanks, and also , on his fist two months of his ministry , he had a real talk for Greece’s financial future with President Obama, being invited at the White House .

” We wellcome Yianis Varoufakis, he brought us some money”, said President Obama wellcoming  the Greek Finance Minister at the White house

Greek Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis in Washington

It’s  another world, one could say, it is different species. Europe stubborn , and attached to the technocrat’s details, forms its policies shooting anything or anyone that threatens its valuable numbers, since numbers-and-only are meant to be what European leaders will keep worshiping  as  God. ‘Show me your money’, was the ethichs behing the ideal of being United as Europe. As proved so far, nothing is meant to count for the present leaders of the European West, that show their abhorrence to anyone who is different or potent to  make any difference within the barrieres of their world .Greek Government  and the Prime Minister’s office, are already used to this attitude of communicational offenses and lies forwarded to the press.

Greek government sources on Friday, hours after the meeting of Alexis Tsipras with Angela Merckel,  and as soon as the Riga eurogroup had finished, said on informal briefing that

an attempt was made to reverse at Friday’s Eurogroup meeting in Riga the constructive and positive climate in which the meetings between Alexis Tsipras and Angela Merkel, Francois Hollande and Jean-Claude Juncker took place.

Same sources stressed that they expect the pressures against Greece to intensify as much as we are getting closer to sign the Agreement.


Varoufakis’ tweet as an answer to the offensive Spiegel article the day after the Riga Eurogrop

Friday’s media reports from Riga and the informal Eurogroup meeting reported that Eurozone Finnance Ministers shot down most of his positions and interventions. Reuters, wrote an article after the last Eurogroup in Riga presenting the Greek Financne Minister as the looser. “Yanis was isolated at the meeting and didn’t even attend the evening dinner reception”, the aricle wrote.  Eurozone sources claimed to the media that Varoufakis’ handling of the talks was immature, and they blamed him of wasting time, of gambling, and being a complete amateur.

How could such a profie, by which the European propaganda describes the Greek Finance Minister, match with the excess of respect Professor Yianis Varoufakis recieves from the top Academics and Nobelists in the United States, while being such an “amateur” and gambler of economic theories?

More obvious than ever is now shown that it is Greece’s credibity that is aimed to be cancelled behind the lines of such reports, which have been proved to be not at all accidental, on the contrary, they are systematic . For instance, Wolfgang Schäuble had said since the eurogroup on March 9, that Minister Varoufakis was the only minister to believe that time was not lost and that he had to once again return to Athens, a statement totally identical to the comments leaked and distributed to the press 40 days after, at the Riga meeting .

Nobelist Joseph Spiglitz, Yianis Varoufakis

Nobelist Joseph Spiglitz, Yianis Varoufakis, April 9,NY

They dared also to speak of inadequacy of the progress of negotiatons, presenting the Greek approach not  professional enough as the techinocrats would have wanted.By throwing out of the negotiations table Greece’s officilal financial approach for a more humanitarian and growth friendly solution, no argument could stand against this European world of the West, and no nation, especially these Greeks, would have shaked their absolutist plans.

On April 9, the Greek Finance Minister, discussing “his way” the story Greece at a conference of the Institute for New Economic Thinking in NY,  had said, during the live conversation he had on the panel with the Nobel laureate Joseph E. Stiglitz:

“There is no doubt that if we had a federal republic, if we had a United States of Europe, we would not be here discussing the Greek crisis, the eurozone crisis, banking union or anything of the sort.”

“Unfortunately,” he added, “the way we designed the eurozone, it was crying out for a crisis.”



You hear things different on the press, we are close to agreement, Varoufakis tells euronews

Fire and brimstone show EU deal is close, Varoufakis tells euronews | euronews, world news.

Yianis Varoufakis talks to Euronews " We are  close "

Varufakis denied suggestions that personal relations between him and the other finance ministers had deteriorated irreparably. Bloomberg news reported today that ministers had referred to Varoufakis as a “time-waster” a “gambler” and an “amateur”, but the former economics professor insisted the situation was very different.

“There is a major disconnect between what you hear in the press and the actual reality on the ground. We are adults and colleagues, we respect and even like each other,” he told euronews. He did admit, however to “a certain intensity at times regarding the negotiations” and predicted that the talks might have to “reach the very last moment before a mutually beneficial outcome emerges from a conflicting narrative”.


“Do they want to support us to have growth… or punish Greece as an example of the future of a country with a left government…Greek MFA to Reuters


Greek Foreign Minister Nikos Kotzias said talking to Reuters on Friday April 24, that he respects Germany but not the German politics, nor does he respect the way Berlin views Greece’s economy,  which faces the prospect of running out of money if it cannot agree to new bailout terms with creditors.

“Do they want to support us to have growth… or do they decide to have Greece struggle, to punish Greece and to create an example of what happens to a country that has a left government,” Kotzias said at the end a four-day visit to Washington and New York.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel said in Brussels on Thursday that everything must be done to prevent Greece from going into bankruptcy.

However, Friday’s meeting of euro zone finance ministers in Riga brought a stark warning to Athens that the new elected government will get no more aid until a complete economic reform plan is agreed.

“So you are not giving a solution to Greece, you press the Greek government? What can be the solution? Golden Dawn is coming. Nobody has an interest in that, so that is why they will find a solution,” said Kotzias, highlighting the far-right political party that is the third largest in parliament.

2368c790b7e03a11740f6a70670021ec go to the Reuters article


Action Plan to be set immediately for the #humantsunami while @atsipras goes to Brussels


tell EU leaders to #RestartTheRescue. Add your voice, by ONE Campaign

It is almost three hundred migrants rescued only today by the Greek Coast Guard, while tragedy on its highest peak was the moment that coast guards brought up a dead toddler body. Two Syrian traffickers are arrested among them by the Greek Authorities which seem to be involved in international smugglers’ network

EU president Donald Tusk called an emergency summit on illegal immigration, which will take place Thursday, in Brussels and Greek Prime Minster Alexis Tsipras is going to attend  as European leaders called for action after 1000 and more migrants, among them war refugees  drowned in the Mediterranean’s deadliest migrant disaster yet.

In Greece, dozens of immigrants arrive ashore on the Aegean islands, every day, by having multiplied X30 the number of victims which are  more than 1700 lives, till now, lost, since the start of this year, on their swim thriller to the world’s West

21449949_EV_AM_200415_RODOS_NAYAGIO_METANASTES5.limghandlerThe Emergency Plan announced by @atsipras govt for the Unthincable #humantsunami

An Emergency Action plan has been decided by the Greek Governement on a broad meeting chaired by the PM Alexis Tsipras,Tuesday April 14, to discomfort the accute influx increase of immigrants ariving to the Aegean islands of the country

The decisions were announced by Gabriel Sakellaridis and concern the

  • the urgent need for developing specific areas  in camps and existing infrastructure, where we are all necessary medical examinations and compliance with all health and safety rules
  •  The identification of the newcomenrs and the sorting to undocumented  migrants or refugees after their transferf to reception centers in the mainland Greece* The Syrian refugees entitled to asylum, Syrian refugees will receive “all necessary documents immediately, or by the soonest possible process, (without circumventing the European treaties) by the authorities responsible in Greece*The government to set as priority in view of the EU Summit and the Meeting of the European Ministers of relevant jurisdiction, all necessary steps by the Greek governmenet to be taken, as the better possible response to the migration and refugee flows towards Europe to be addressed, in the context of European solidarity, by a proportional allocation of the refugees to all EU countries.

On the national Plan meeting for the Rescue Response of Greece for the Human “Catastrophe” of migration as President Hollande called it later , Dimitris Avramopoulos was represented by Aristides Kalogeropoulos, the special advisor to the Commissioner of Immigration, Home Affairs and Citizenship.

In the meeting preceeded  Gavriil Sakellaridis’ announcements, which was chaired by Alexis Tsipras, Interior Minister Nikos Voutsis and Alternate Citizens’ Protection Minister Yiannis Panousis, took part , as well as the Christodoulopoulou and also coast guard officials.

“The refugee problem is international, not Greek,” Sakellaridis said. He stressed that most migrants arriving in Greece are fleeing war and deserves Greece’s and the international community’s solidarity and protection.

“Lately an increased refugee flow is observed thorugh the Mediterrannean Sea to our country,  for reasons showing to be related to the the ever-worsening situation in Syria, and elsewhere. This is confirmed by the fact that during the very same period there was strongly marked an upward trend influx to Italy. The earliest records show that the motivation of the vast majority of these people are  not primarily financially driven to immigrate, but due to the immediate danger fro their life, “and this is obviously a factor to be taken seriously.

“The refugee problem is international and not Greek. It requires seriousness, composure and above all humanity.

Greek Commissioner : “Europe will play its role…”

From the Greek commissioner ‘s part,  there has been expressed, since the first moments of this crisis, to the Greek government, the acknowledgement that Europe should prepare for a difficult year of immigration -as  Demetres Avramopoulos had concluded on this speech at the LIBE Committee of the European Parliament,

He had early said “The European Commission is ready to play the role it deserves to support and help member states – particularly those most affected and are most in need. “

Recalling that “the European Commission has recently provided emergency financial aid to certain Member States and is prepared to repeat if necessary”, he promised that the European Commission will contribute through Frontex protecting the EU’s external borders, “not only in Italy and along the Greek and Bulgarian borders. “

One day after the schocking Lampedusa disaster an extraordinary EU Summit for Migration was held, on which the Commissioner announced the ten points of Action for the humanitarian crisis in Aegean  on Monday April  20,

Municipal authorities in Athens, where most migrants end up, after their arrest and detention on the islands,   have demonstrated to the government their discomfort saying they were unable to host additional arrivals.690_eb60959d-78dd-4c12-ac39-923f19793160Newborns in that vessel; In the middle of that Sea ditch while thousands souls and bodies, battle with life and death a Cameroun migrants brought to life these healthy twins..

The Alternate Immigration Policy Minister Tasia Christodoulopoulou said around 100,000 immigrants are expected to enter Greece this year, adding that most were refugees merit  protection.

Defense Minister Panos Kammenos, on the other side, has said Greece cannot handle such an endless influx of migrants, which threatens to augment more.

President Hollande, having heard just the possibility the victims drown at the Lampedusa disaster to be 700, -and not 1100+ as finally came out- said it would be “the worst catastrophe” in the Mediterranean in recent years.

United Nations prediced on April 21 that 30.000 deaths are expected through migrating proceedures in Mediterranean in 2015

The counties are not companies, said in Rome the President of Greek Parliament


Politics is one thing and companies is another, the President of the Greek Parliament Zoi Konstantopoulou said during the Conference of Presidents of Parliaments of the Member States and the European Parliament, which takes place in Rome.

“There must be a clear message to all those who negotiate that the countries are not companies, the European Union is not a company to sign agreements and treaties concerning countries or the European Union as a company,” Konstantopoulou noted adding that this a questionable strategy which at the end of the day poses problems to the citizens and creates difficult living conditions as is the situation with countries that have signed memorandums.

“Therefore, we have to understand that these negotiations should not continue to be as secret as they are,” the President of the Greek Parliament said noting the need for a more democratic process.



Greek representative to IMF resigned, with no comment


Thanos Catsambas, the Greek representative to International Monetary Fund and one of the Fund’s alternate executive directors, resigned, unxpecedly on Wednesday. Greek media speculate whether Catsambas’ resignation is related by any means with the visit of Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis to IMF last Sunday.

Effectively Thanos Catsambas will step down from his position on 1. June 2015. No official statement, press release or announcement has been made for the reasons for his departure yet.

Mr Catsambas was a former IMF official from 1979-2010, and was appointed as Greece’s IMF representative in January 2012 when Lukas Papadimos was Prime Minister.

Sources from the Greek Finance Ministry commented on Catsambas’ resignation that “it was his own personal decision” implying that he was not asked to do so.

source: keeptalkingreece


No Public Hospital or Mental Clinic is to close under this govt, said to UN Commissioner the Greek Minister of Health

νοσοκομείο-Αγρινίου-Κουρουμπλης-570x300His concern for the vulnerable Mental health patients in Greece, and any possible option of this government to activate the previous government’s decision for the closure of Psychiatric Hospitals without providing alternative structures, expressed to the Greek Minister of Health Panagiotis Kouroublis, the UN Commissioner for Human Rights, Mr. Jan Jarab, Regional Representative of the European office of Human Rights.

During the meeting, the Greek Minister of Health and the UN Commissioner discussed key issues related to disabilities, vulnerable population groups, children and Mental health.

Mr. Jarab discussed thoroughtly with the Greek Minister the concern of the UN Commission over the deteriorating situation and shortcomings observed due to the humanitarian crisis in Greece, and particulary emphasized the United Nations’ office worries over the previous government’s intentions to close the Mental Health clinics in the country.

Panagiotis Kouroublis, -a thrylic figure of this governement, and disabled person himself also, due to a bomb that exploded in his hands as a kid during the German ocupation in Greece- assured the UN Commissoner that this government is not going to close any hospital, while stressing that vulnerable social groups and their needs are at the top of the Ministry of Health priorities.

During this week, a re-encounter by the presence of Ministry of Health officials as to provide the continuity of cooperation of the UNHCR with the Ministry on relevant issues within the field of human rights,  the minister’s office announced.


Βorn in Matsouki of Aitoloakarnania in 1951, today’s mnister of Heath Panagiot Kouroublis, the descendant of Pontian refugees (ethnic Greeks violently expelled from the southern shores of the Black Sea after the collapse of the Ottoman Empire). At age 10 he lost his eyesight from the explosion of a German hand-grenade, a remnant of World War II. His politicization began during his years as a pupil in the School for the Blind, as he became aware of the causes that place people with disabilities in the margins of society.


Since 1974 Panagitis Kouroublis has been actively taking part in the struggles of student and popular movements. During the period 1976-1981 he focused his efforts in the attempt to organize a social “uprising” of the blind, whose main demands were the right to education and dignity and the enshrinement of their social rights


#Tsipras asks for the Revision of #DublinII treaty, condemns far-left approach on migration


The Dublin treaty has to be revised, said Prime Minister Tsipras after his meeting with the EU Commissioner on migration Demetris Avramoulos, who also said, that Europe is aware that “something has to be changed” with the migrants’ populations entering Greece. “The need of a national strategic on migration is more urgent than ever”, said Alexis Tsipras, emphasizing on the same moment, that migration in Geece is primarily a European solidarity issue.   The “previous Greek governements have let the country transform to a warehouse of souls”, said the Prime Minister.

Also the tackling of migration has been left during these years mainy to the Police, nurturing ,at the moment as a problem, the contradictory appoaches of far-left,”


The Aegean islands’ “migrant- tsunami” , Greece’s biological bomb

Yesteday , Monday 6, the police officers of Kos revealed the creepy situation and the pictures from the islands’ Polie Department , shoking enough fot the eyes of the world, just on the moment the 2015 tourists start to arrive, or plan their vacations to Greece


Nearly 3,900 illegal migrants that made their way to the Dodecanese islands of Kos, Leros and Kalymnos in the first three months of 2015 are being housed in abandoned buildings and in one isle’s police precinct courtyard.

In the police headquarters of Kos, 236 migrants, are staying on the moment speaking under abominable conditions. According to local press reports, the police officers on the eastern Aegean island, Kos, have refused to hold more than 35 illegal migrants in the station holding cells.


The report comes one week after the denouncemenet of the Lesvos island Coast Union, which revealed that over 3000 migrants have arrived on the island since the start of 2015.

Basic concern among Coast Guad and Police officers of the eastern Aegean islands, is the fact that the migrants remain unchecked for communcable diseases. The president of the Union of Police Employees of Kos Antonis Kydonakis, denounced that no health checks are performed on the migrants who hail from sub-Saharan Africa and were smuggled onto Greek territory, with the police unionist pointing to worries of communicable diseases for police staff and their families.


This situation violates the URGENT binding directives, sent in October 2014 by the Ministry of Health and the Greek Center for Disease Control (HCDCP), the Circular, that has been adressed to the staff of all the First Reception Centers and the Immigrants’ Detention Centers , the Coast Guard, the Greek Police, border guards and all the personnel involved in the procedures of the management of the illegal immigrants newcomers .

By the Circular, they’re described in detail all the preventive measures that are required, by clear and simple instructions,, primarily for the direct identification of the origin country of the incoming immigrants, and also for the necessity of making obligatory the immediate medical evaluation.

The Circular that had made obligatory the medical screening of the migrant populations upon arrival, was urgently activated on the Ebola scare period of 2014, even though the Communicable Diseases threats are much more than Ebola, and always urgent. Multiresistant tuberculosis is among the diseases that are detected on migrant populations that have entered Greece, and also locally acquired malaria ,since 2011 in Greece, brought by immigrant populations originating from malaria endemic countries. Transmittion of the communicable diseases from the migrants to the Greek poulation and the World Health Village, is considered a biological bomb for Greece, since the immunity of the trafficking populations has become very low , all their way to Greece through the trafficking roads.

As it has become obvious, even under the deadly scare of Ebola,  medical screening of the migrants upon arrival has never been applied, despite the Strict Recommedations of the Greek CDC, setting in danger

Most of the illegal migrants landing on Greece’s islands are ferried by migrant smugglers operating in Turkey, although larger freighter aloaded with their human cargo have been identified as sailing from other points in the eastern Mediterranean and North Africa.

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#Greece, to bridge with ‘mama’ #Russia


As a member of the EU, Greece, could act “as a link and a bridge” between Russia and the West. This is Alexis Tsipras’ and the Coalition government’s positioning on Greece’s relationships with “mama” Russia, as said by the Prime Minister, a few days before his visit to Kremlin, invited officialy by President Putin .

A “road to nowhere”

“We disagree with sanctions,” the Greek Prime Minister said, on April 1, underlining that “these penalties, enforced by Europe to Russia over the Ukraine crisis, have costed much to Greece’s vulnerable economy”.

Alexis Tsipras, indeed, didn’t neglect to emphasize, talking from the Greek Parliament hall one week before his Moscow visit, that “the new European security architecture must include Russia,” reiterating that Greek support for EU trade restrictions could not be assumed.

The Prime Minister described the western sanctions against Russia as a “road to nowhere”, saying his new government would seek to strengthen ties with the country.

“This is a possibility for … giving a new impetus to the Russian-Greek relations which have very deep roots in history,” he told the Russian state news agency Tass.

“We should see how our nations and countries can really cooperate in many spheres – the economy, energy, trade, agriculture – and find out where we can help each other.”

Tourism to Greece, is also, apropos, another issue as the government’s spokesman Gabriel Sakellaridis stated on Sunday, primarily underlining, though, that


A major blow that our country accepted, has to do with the embargo of our agricultural products’s exports to Russia. There are such issues that can and should be discussed, can be resolved,  and do also promise to swift some ‘breaths’ to the Greek economy, even during this Prime Minister’s triphe said. 
The Prime Minister’s spokesman defined, also that “there is no symbolism on the date of Alexis Tsipras trip to Moscow”, which, coincidentally concures at the date of April 9, when the Euro-working group will be asked to decide about Greece’s reform list. “It was a pre-set date, and an official, by Russian’s side invitation since long” Sakellaridis said.
Greece and Russia have old historical ties,indeed.

In the early 19th century tsar Alexander I helped Greece gain independence from the Ottoman empire. Orthodox Christianity brings a sense of belonging to the same culture. Religious affiliation may not be the most important thing for Tsipras, whose Syriza far-left movement is rooted in stark atheism. But it certainly appeals to his coalition partner, Independent Greeks party, which is comfortable with Putin’s ideology of traditionalist nationalism and social conservatism, has recently noted a Guardian article

For more on Greece’s New Day on Realtionships with Russia go to our previous articles

PutinRussia new sanctionssanctions-Russia-Greece-Kotzias-EU



Bring back our Happiness


The poorest 20% of Danes are more joyful than the richest Greeks…!

The recent OECD survey on Life satisfaction revealed -since the end of last year- that Greek citizens are the most unhappy group in 36 OECD countries When asked to rate their general life satisfaction withon a scale from 0 to 10, Greeks gave it a 4.7 grade, the lowest score in the OECD, where average life satisfaction is 6.6.

 The Top- on- Unhappiness Greece’s statistics are, lately, repeatedly updated and confirmed

20150328_gdc662Greece at the Bottom o Happiness List, by Eurostat

The sun-soaked horizons do not necessarily equal happiness, as this years’ Eurostat’s research  survey for Happiness demonstrates.

  • The Scandinavian nations of Denmark, Finland and Sweden all topped the list in the overall happiness stakes with 8.0 out of 10Eurostat figures from 2013 that were released yesterday show.
  • The unstable economies of Mediterranean nations Greece, Cyprus and Portugal are suspected to have a negative effect on their populations as all three were rated comparatively low to the UK at 6.2. Serbia also dropped to their level on overall rankings
  • The United Kingdom enjoys an above-average happiness rating of 7.3, which is on par with Germany and Poland.The average for the whole of the EU is 7.0.

As usual, writes the April article of Economist,reporting on the 2013 Eurostat survey,

  • Scandinavians are the happiest people in Europe and
  • retired Danish women are the cheeriest among them, reporting a happiness score of 8.5 out of 10.
5 (1)-1

Grece, the Blue Zone, of the worst countries to be aged , but hosts centenarians!

Retirement inSouth, a miserable affair.

In general, geography is the best predictor of merriness, followed by pay.

  • At all income levels a step up one quintile on the income scale makes people more content.
  • Yet the poorest 20% of Danes are more joyful than the richest Greeks.

Procreation affects cheerfulness too.

  • In southern Europe families with children are happiest,
  • whereas the British and Irish are the only people to become sadder when little ones arrive.

Ageing draws out differences.

  • Everyone is happiest when young and less so in middle age.
  • But in old age the British and Scandinavians cheer up
  • while in the South, retirement is a miserable affair.

Greeks are the most stressed out amongst the euro zone population and more stressed than the rest of Europe.


Greece on top of the word’s  most stressed countries by Bloomberg

With Norway being the most carefree nation in the world and Nigeria the most stressed-out country, Greece lies somewhere in the middle of the “Most Stressed Out Nations” list in a survey conducted by Bloomberg.

Neighboring Turkey is less stressed out than Greece. So is Argentina with a plethora of economic problems.

the severe materially deprived Greeks

But a closer look on the Eurostat Woldwide Index of Happiness has far more to say about Greece’s public stress overdose which has reached the stage of despair . 

More than half of severely materially deprived EU citizens report a low level of life satisfaction


Severe materially deprived Europeans are 9,6%.  Any idea how many of the Greeks  could be? ( more than 60% at least )

Severely materially deprived persons have living conditions greatly constrained by a lack of resources and cannot afford at least four out of 9 items:

  • to pay rent or utility bills;
  • to keep their home adequately warm;
  • to pay unexpected expenses;
  • to eat meat, fish or a protein equivalent every second day;
  • a one week holiday away from home;
  • a car;
  • a washing machine;
  • a colour TV;
  • or a telephone.

Together with the “at-risk-of poverty rate” and the indicator “low work intensity” severe material deprivation forms the Europe 2020 indicator “at risk of poverty or social exclusion[12].

  • At EU level, 9.6 % of the population were affected by severe material deprivation in 2013,
  • 16.6 % were at risk of poverty and 10.8 % of the population aged between 0 and 59 lived in households with very low work intensity.
  • Overall, 24.4 % reported at least one of these problems and were thus  at risk of poverty or social exclusion.

Social relationships and the need of Emphathy in traumatised societies

As already indicated in the section on household types, supportive personal relationships play an important role in life satisfaction. In the SILC module 2013 they were covered by two items:

  • “having anyone to discuss personal matters with” and
  • “getting help from others when needed”

Both items show very similar patterns, for social support, which is highly associated with life satisfaction.

More than double the proportion of people who cannot count on friends or family when help is needed had a low level of life satisfaction in 2013 (44.8 % vs. 19.0 %).

Only 9.4 % of this group reported high levels of life satisfaction compared with   22.7 % of those who had help available.

Fortunately, the share of those who did not have someone to rely on for help or to discuss personal matters with was rather small (6.7 % at EU level for the former and 7.1 % for the latter).

Brussels-Athens negotiations on the edge, by @vagpapavasiliou

Brussels-Athens negotiations on the edge, by @vagpapavasiliou

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