Alexis Tsipras after the Brussel group: The funding of Greek economy will be restored, we reattached the process in the rails

The Greek Prime Minister stressed that all sides reaffirmed their willingness to work together to overcome the difficulties. Mostly, added the Prime Minister, all sides reaffirmed the common reading of Eurogroup decision of the 20th  February meeting.

Alexis Tsipras also stressed that it is clear that Greece “has not undertaken to implement cyclonic action, namely the fifth assessment of the email Hardouvelis. “

The prime minister said the government will table its own proposals for structural reforms, which have to be implemented. As said Alexis Tsipras, the meeting was the reaffirmation of the disposal of all parties to coordinate as soon as possible the restoration of the funding of Greek economy.

Alexis Tsipras said that the president of the European Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker confirmed its intention to directly promote European programs that will disburse large sums to address the humanitarian crisis in Greece. He noted, however, that the amount will be announced by J.C.Juncker after the completion of the summit tomorrow.

“In this meeting we reattached the process in the rails, because it had been derailed, with the responsibility of some ones ” the Prime Minister concluded.


Greece’s suffocating pillow by a bullying of words, while Alexis meets with the bosses of Euro

Greek2m eye


“What a negotiation coud  that be, where one part says ‘I’m the boss’, under the photo of Angela Merkel and Wolfgag Schauble”,… said journalist  Akis Pavlopoulos on his News show on Blue Sky, commenting on tonights’  talks of the Greek Prime Minister with the Europe’s heads

“We don’t dare to spell humanitarian crisis, they are bullying our right to survive”, the audience and viewers have kept saying live, the last days ,on News shows and on the radios.

May be this is the core of Greece’s drama for the moment, and this, apparently, has become the core meaning of today’s negotiations . Europe doupts the factor misery , doupts the meaning of  humanitarian,after all .

“A question for the flesh of the folks is the definition of Capitalism” said Lianna Kanelli in Greek Parliament, an MP of the Greek Communist Party, and a brillant journalist all her life…

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