Human bodies might still be burning next to us, on the live “hell” of that ferry, and nobody gives a damnn

Unexplained the delay of the search of the bodies, unknow still in number


Brindisi Coast Guard Capt. Mario Valente said Monday that searchers are trying to reach lower decks near the Norman Atlantic ferry’s car deck, where a pre-dawn blaze began Dec. 28 while the ferry sailed from Greece toward Italy. But since then, no news about how many might be missing .


The fire has claimed at least 11 lives. Greece says as many as 19 people might be unaccounted for; Italy says that figure might be much higher. But the lives over there, the bodies, the mind and souls,  are still unknown. And tragically, … nobody noticed.

Not even the greek media wonder who was who and who might be burning next to us, for more than 11,now, days

In Greece, end of the year 2014  

Since the onboard search began there are  high temperatures have thwarted entry into the vehicle deck

Greece on Friday January 3  indicated as many as 19 people are accounted for, while the Italian prosecutor leading the investigation of the fire said a few days earlier the figure is shockingly  higher.

In addition to known missing, it is possible migrants might have come on board secretly when the ferry left Greek ports, possibly hidden in some of the many trucks transported by the ferry.

Apart from the the cause of the blaze that remains unknon even though the black box has been found,  the investigators also want to know if safety rules were violated, including during evacuation.

Mean while so many evidence has come on light . From the very first days, a report for the Safety qualilfications of Norman Atlantic from the Patras port Inspection of the ship, is revealed that was clearly reporting deficiences on the fiere doors ,  just 9 days before the tagedy, on December 19 Marine engineers and specialists , talking to the media the last days, said that the fire doors  are the basic for the fire not to spread to a ship. Fires do occur in the garage areas of the ships often, they have stated, but they don’t threat the whole

We’ll only have an exact number (of victims) when the wreckage can be inspected,” said Cmdr. Floriana Segreto of the Italian Coast Guard. A sea-and-air search of the water around the ship continued as the ferry was being secured for towing, she said.


The Italian Coast Guard said 427 people were rescued from the ferry. That figure, plus the 11 dead, would mean at least 438 people had been onboard.

That’s 39 people  less than the 477 people Greek officials said were on the register – leading to questions about Italy’s rescue tally or suggestions the ferry also carried an unknown number of unregistered migrants.

But on Wednesday, December 31, “ninety-eight people were still unaccounted ” Bari prosecutor Giuseppe Volpe was quoted as saying by the ANSA news agency.

It’s not clear if those people ever boarded the ferry – which left Greece on Saturday bound for Italy – if they were rescued, or if they died in the fire or in the sea. Hundreds were rescued in the maritime disaster but the exact number of ferry survivors and how many were on board to begin with are still not known.

Volpe told Sky TG24 TV it was important to have the ferry towed to Italy “to see if there are bodies aboard…to ascertain what caused the fire and to see if safety measures were respected.”

He said until the wreck was examined, he couldn’t venture a possible cause for the blaze.

The Italian captain of the Italian-made ferry, which was operated by a Greek company, was questioned in the southern port of Bari by prosecutors for more than five hours on Wednesday. Since a probe is underway, Volpe would not give any details about the questioning.

Nearly 40 survivors finally stepped ashore on Wednesday in the Italian port of Taranto, brought by one of the cargo ships that rescued passengers from the flaming, smoke-shrouded ferry in the first hours of the maritime disaster. The blaze on the ferry’s car deck sent people scrambling for their lives in the freezing cold, pelted by rain and buffeted by gale-force winds on the uncovered top deck.

Some survivors were taken to Bari, and others were headed to the other Italian port Brindisi, while other rescue ships were directed to Greece, Croatia and Malta, an Italian official said. Hundreds of  passengers — some suffering from hypothermia or smoke inhalation — were taken directly to hospitals on the Italian mainland by helicopter.

Sources: BRINDISI, Italy (AP) and more 

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