Gambling on instincts and the power of TV: the unique Greek Elections combat

               It seems like the audience finally knows who is performing for fake. The Greek population since the start of the Crisis has experienced a deliberately dirty play of minds on what is the truth and what is the lie. Plus, the Greeks have been the victims of the Most wrong and Non-ethical communication that should be addressed to a nation in Crisis.

“Mr. Samaras you can never win Tsipras”, said bravely Nikos Hatzinikolaou on his air show on Real Radio Tuesday morning, strongly denouncing the ex-prime minister’s practices of the Pre-election period of trying to terrify the public and on the same moment denying any press interview or debate before elections, at least to support his arguments , Hatzinikolaou said , that Tsipras is “so dangerous for Greece”
“Mr. Samaras , the Right party voters in this country have had leaders that were such gentlemen” , he added, commenting on the first-in-the-world behavior of protocol biasing of Mr. Samaras, that let Alexis entering an empty Prime-Minister’s office, with no ex-Prime-Minister delivering to him, with No-one of the ex-gov delivering Not a Paper to the new government , and having left empty closets, empty PC’s and not even Soap in the toilets of the Prime-Minister’s Palace(!), an obviously Not Democratic procedure that humiliates the vote and the voters themselves.
“Mr. Samaras, now you are hiding from the election result? You were hiding from the debates and the interviews till now. You gave a fiasco interview to your government employees on National Television before elections, where you also said the Good Night close up !” (find more on that here ).

“You lost, Mr. Samaras, you lost 8-O. Still, you keep say you didn’t . It’s a huge gap. You will never win Tsipras!”

Results by Propaganda

But how much really did succeed the Memorandum governments in Greece of the last 5 years to divert public opinion and achieve a political manipulation level based on terrifying the Greek people in the name of Europe?
For the media people who have served journalism in the name of Truth (-everybody of them was “expelled” from powerful communication jobs after the Olympic games), and kept doing that in bad and good days, it is so obvious:
TV people have been transferred to the Political Parties, after the 2004 Olympics, and since then the nation is approached by it’s “propaganda experts”, simply as being a tv audience.

The Fake trick of Crediblity
In the way the credibility of the ex-powerful main tv channels had deflated to below the 10% in ratings , but were still being presented to the viewers as leading successfully the public opinion, in the same, exactly way, the Parties of Pasok and New Democracy kept bleeding their voters, but presenting their power to the public as leading ,in polls and popularity. Polls are another tragedy of Greece’s Non-Freedom of Press chapter, for which more is going to be revealed, the new government of both Syriza and Independent Greeks now promise, since, they denounce, it was an orchestrated act, -with a plan for the voters manipulation, they keep saying .

But interesting is that ity was the same persons battling for Myths and Truths on the Political scene, that had made their career on TV, on convincing audiences or not, caring for the audience, or not

In the years of Mr. Samaras, Myths were convincing, indeed, powered by the Fear tactics by which the day reality was wrapped, as to sooth the day-to-day humiliation of any household’s life.

But thankfully, for the pride of Communication itself, the audience proved that cannot be fooled to the very end.

Let us introduce you the key Communication players in this last Election terrain , the most critical one Greeks have participated in on Greece’s modern history years


Terence Quick : He is the original of Greece’s TV. Believed, beloved and popular at most. Terence never cheated the audience, never presented lies on TV News. First among firsts he remained popular and credible throughout a long decade, during which his presence on the News was bringing to the channel ratings, often, bigger even than 50% His presence in the Independent Greeks Party helped a lot on resisting to the dirty media games that presented the I.G. Party as having dissapeared on polls proved to be fake


Theodor Mixopoulos : Brilliant, modest, and a long life idealist Theodor has been the soul of the most successful TV News programs on Greek TV for more than two decades, bringing on air from backstage the accuracy, the ethics and the speed to the viewers. Extreme humanitarian sensitivity was always the core of his character, clarity on journalism and honesty in his life have been his traits. Coach of lots of the most provided tv persons on Greek tv , he supported with unexpectable success the election campaign for the municipality of Athens on May 2014, and became the “brain” of this critical national elections for SYRIZA which brought Tsipras on top with a huge gap from Samaras. Being a leftist sicne his young age, he was always, though, the brain in the modern capitalistic Greek tv


Giannis Mixelakis: Journalist, wannabe Newscaster (like Terence Quick) during all his career. He joined Ant1 tv as a director when Terence had left, but In his hands Ant1tv fell in ratings even lower than 10% . During the 2004 year and after, while the ex-New Democracy Prime Minister Karamanlis was ruling the country, he did not support politically, as News director on Ant1 News ( which was the channel of the right party audience), the New Democracy of Kostas Karamanlis, actually he often did the opposite, not accidentally, as it finally came out. .He joined ND as soon as A.Samaras became president of the party. He became minister of Samaras twice on the Memorandum government, and has served by his media “knowledge” on the communication strategy of elections, polls and “auduence results’ He was not finally elected PM on this eletions, and also, he is charged with a serious file for bribery , even though the file never came to Parliament as SYRIZA denounces



Hope smashes Fear in Greece, Tsipras wins the Greeks’ Heart. The Greek Xperiment reaching the peak by the science of Fear

                sAMARAS THREATENING
Alexis won the Greeks in the Heart. After five years of martyric tolerance on humiliation of the most Strict and Apathetic governmets that brought everybody’s mind, and day, to the bottom line, they said, undouptedly, NO to the Fear Factory that has kept them nerveless till now… Is it that Greeks have been tugged beyond their limits?
On the same moment, Apathetically at most, the ruling austerity government of Mr. Samaras, straight and clearly decided to invest in the Fear Attack to achieve to vote manipulation of the devastaded Greek mass, and unfolded an Unshamely Producted Presentation,
But  could this Political Science of decision-capture have won the results ?
And if yes, Is it Ethicaly correct as a Communication Act towards a nation ” in Crisis?
  • Could really, fear win this election?
A plane is flying. In the cabin, the passengers are reading
newspapers or playing with their smartphones. Suddenly they
hear a voice. “Good morning ladies and gentlemen,this is your pilot. I am glad to announce that this is my first flight! You are my first passengers!” They start looking at each other in apprehension and anxiety. “We are flying at 3.000 metres. No,no,at
3.000 feet” the pilot mutters. “Or is it… hands?”
PASOK is not the only political party betting on fear to reap gains in today’s Greek elections on 25 January .
New Democracy, Primarily, intensively, and unstoppably, has been claiming  that SYRIZA will gamble with Greece’s future and points directly to the revival of a possible “Grexit” (a Greek exit from the eurozone) if SYRIZA’s leader, Alexis Tsipras becomes Prime Minister.
The Greek political system currently epitomizes the term ‘polarization’ a war of words and squabbling among politicians across the political spectrum and an enduring vicious circle of blame games that has plagued the country long before its first bailout in 2010.
In view of SY.RIZ.A’s 3-4% lead over New Democracy, Prime Minister Antonis Samaras, is attackingTsipras on a daily basis, suggesting that he has a secret and
dangerous agenda which includes leaving the Eurozone and breaking ties with its lenders.
                   Samaras seemd to have no other choice,
  • Centre- right voters, his main target group, are angry that he failed on his promise to ‘negotiate’ a more balanced implementation on of the reform programme agreed withGreece’s lenders.
  • Furthermore, less privileged and middle class Greeks feel strangled by what they deem to be unequal and excessive taxation; which only serves to enable the Prime Minster to present primary surpluses to the Troika. In addition,a stubbornly high unemployment rate (one in four Greeks and one in two young people–is unemployed) has graduallyturned traditional New Democracy voters to other options: the extreme right parties (Independent Greeks and neo-nazi Golden Dawn) or directly to SY.RIZ.A.
However, efforts to portray the SYRIZA leader as an irresponsible gambler seem to be containing some of the damage. New Democracy’s poll ratings suggest it might retain the 29% of the vote it achieved in 2012.
 But how much “scientific” could this mind control attacks have been, towards the fear- beaten public feeling in which  Greeks are condemned to live since austerity, and which has multiply escalated as an obvious communicational stratedy of Antonis Samaras  governing party to the very last moment of elections?
Absolutely yes,THERE’S IS A TRIED AND TESTED SCIENTIFIC APPROACH for gaining votes, as public research shows. Have a look on the “The Use of Fear Appeals in Political Advertisements, Analysis of the 2004 and 2008 Presidential Election”, School of Communication,American University Washington, D.C. According to the authors,
  •  Negativity used in an advertisement is a natural outgrowth of the emotional response of fear.
  •   “Theories of information processing indicate that the proportion of negativity yield influences spanning a range of judgments related to candidate construction and voting behavior, yielding effects that are different from the influence of sheer volume”

Therefore, it is crucial to understand the elements of negativity which Stevens states are proportion and volume.

With increased exposure to negative advertising, individuals are more likely to
learn about the candidates and to retain and gain information. Negative advertising not only provides a greater amount of information, but also has more clear-cut information about candidates.
Yet, it can often include character attacks (Stevens, 2007). These
character attacks are referred to as mudslinging. Stevens explains  that “while positive information is much a more powerful motivator of avoidance because individuals prioritize the avoidance of costs over the acquisition of gains” (Stevens, 2007, /p. 436).
In the case of the Greek people as a target, the point is, on this timing, WHICH AVOIDANCE OF COST DO GREEKS PRIORITIZE at this moment of austerity in their lives . fisrt.
Samaras’ government, let’s say, let the homeowners unprotected for the auctions of their first home,  while more  than 1/3 of households have become due the austerity seriously poor, and while he was swearing he would provide law protection for that issue, being for the Greek culture and psych, the most sacred cost.
Will the costs of Mr. Tsipras himself , as the negative ND campaig posistions him, be greater for the Greeks than loosing their homes? 
ND Candidates’ Negative campaign : they all keep repating the same thing: Fear for Tsipras
  “When the proportion of negative information increases, so does the impact on
attitudes and behavor” (Stevens, 2007, p. 437), voting behavor in our case .
More specifically, negative messages should be more memorable than positive
ones .Thus, the resulting research designs use the volume or number of
advertisements that an individual has seen to assess the advertisements’ probable impact: greater psychological impact is assumed to result from multiple exposures to ads.This results in the repetition of both the information and the image.
Thus, these advertisements should “cause affect for the opponent to decline; they should, at the very least, not greatly deflate affect for the sponsor; they should have a net positive effect on evaluations of the sponsor relative to those of the opponent;
and, most important, they should increase the probability of voting for the sponsor rather than the opponent” (Lau et. al, 1999, p. 857). Lau and his colleagues also concluded that these Lau and his colleagues also concluded that these advertisements are more memorable
 _80428323_greekelectioncomp  fear_0
To the point: European Elite’s well established Fear 
the EU elite’s long-standing warning against alleged threats from so-called “anti-Europeans,” by which they mostly mean Eurosceptics. At stake here is not just the (imagined) national communities or states of Europe, but the (imagined) European community and state, as embodied by the EU, says the opendemocracy. net
  This politics of fear follows the same mechanism as those described above: opponents are essentialized and homogenized, while an apocalyptic future is presented (which, of course, can only be prevented if the policies of the elite are followed). Eurosceptics are “anti-European populists” “nationalist,” or even “anti-democratic,” while the future is one of political crisis or even war.
On the bottom line, will Hope win the Fear in Greece today? It remains in a couple of hours to be seen
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Wanted terrorist of Belgium attack had been established in Greece, but the Athens’ arrests are irrelevant, Brussels made clear


terror attack, Greecegermany_greece_terrorist

The Belgium authorities made clear that the arrests in Athens have no relation with the veteran from Syria, Belgium police had notified the Greek Police for, who appears to be  the mastermind and coordinator of the Belgium attack, and who has been found through the arrested extremists’ telephone calls, to be established in Greece .

A spokesman for Belgium’s federal prosecutor told Le Soir newspaper that two of those held in Greece were not among those suspected of being implicated in the suspected Belgian terror plot.

According to the newspaper La Libre the man, coming from Syria, and who hasestablished himself in Greece since quite some time, has coordinated theterrorist cell thatwasabout tocommit an attackagainstpolice officersand police stationsin Belgium.

Earlier on Saturday, Belgian media said authorities were seeking Abdelhamid Abaaoud, a 27-year-old Brussels resident of Moroccan origin suspected of…

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Wanted terrorist of Belgium attack had been established in Greece, but the Athens’ arrests are irrelevant, Brussels made clear

terror attack, Greece germany_greece_terrorist

The Belgium authorities made clear that the arrests in Athens have no relation with the terrorist  Belgium police had notified the Greek Police for, who appears to be  the  coordinator of the Belgium attack, and who has been found through the arrested extremists’ telephone calls, to be have established himself in Greece .

A spokesman for Belgium’s federal prosecutor told Le Soir newspaper that two of those held in Greece were not among those suspected of being implicated in the suspected Belgian terror plot.

According to the newspaper La Libre the man, coming from Syria, and who has established himself in Greece since quite some time, has coordinated the terrorist cell that was about to commit an attack against police officers and police stations in Belgium.

Earlier on Saturday, Belgian media said authorities were seeking Abdelhamid Abaaoud, a 27-year-old Brussels resident of Moroccan origin suspected of being the ringleader of the jihadi cell, and in hiding in Greecewrote the BBC .

The man reportedly maintained telephone contact with the brother held in the prison of Lantin of one of the two jihadists killed Thursday by police in Verviers, VTM reported Friday. According to the Flemish television channel, the police had been informed of suspicious telephone calls between an inmate of the Liège Lantin prison and a man returned from the fighting in Syria, now established in Greece.The prisoner also maintained regular contact with his brother, one of the two jihadists killed Thursday during the anti-terrorist action in Verviers.

Listening to their telephone conversations allowed the police to discover that the attacks were being prepared on Belgian soil, and identify the one who appeared to have managed the attacks, both on operational and financial level.

Belgian intelligence has asked the Greek authorities to intervene, but they have not done so so far.”, the Belgian newspaper La Libre, reported .

(original text in French here)


In Greece, just one week before the critical national elections day, NO news said that the mastermind is believed to be established (since long time-!-) in Greece. Instead of that, the news were presented as if Greek Police had, simply, found one of the Belgium attack masterminds.

Greek police detained four people and anounced that the arrests were in connection with investigation concerning the Belgium operation against jihadists in the city of Vervries two days ago.

The private Skai TV reported Saturday evening on its online edition that “the detained people matched the description of a 27-year-old suspected to be the mastermind” of the planned terror attack of jihadists in Belgium.  wrote that three of the detained are Moroccans, while “the fingerprints of the one matching to the Belgian description and other details will be sent to Belgian authorities for identification.”, added that also “ DNA material will be sent to Belgian authorities.”

Mega TV in its prime time news said simply that “Belgian authorities sent a name and one mobile phone number to Greek police on Friday,” and implied that more detentions may follow.

Private Alpha TV  being more precise, though, said Saturday, Jan. 2015, on its prime time news program that the four persons were detained in an apartment in Pagrati suburb of Athens and that “one of them matched very much to the description sent by the Belgian authorities”. The TV reporter hinted that the mastermind might had called the inmate in Belgium “from Athens but maybe also from Turkey.”

October 28, 1940 New York Times: Metaxas to Greeks “Fight to Your Death”

Authentic : Greek Fight to your Death, NYT 28/10/1940


to smile and fight ! emblematic picture, a document of the passion of the Greeks to “fight to death” leaving their homes for the battlefiled , by a smile on the face of all of them. Panepistimiou Street, Athens Academy , October 1940

October 28, 1940 New York Times: Metaxas to Greeks “Fight to Your Death”.

Authentic, just 70 years earlier: Greek Fight to your Death, NYT 28/10/1940 .

And Greeks did.

We gained our Freedom .

Greece, show Urgent Caution on Borders Control , says Europol


Greek police have received an urgent warning from Europol about the possibility of a terrorist attack in European countries, with most likely targets being Belgium, the Netherlands and Britain.

According to Skai TV, the terrorist attack is being prepared by four or five Islamists based in  Europe. The warning contains the names of suspected terrorists, who are assumed to have accomplices in Lebanon, Saudi Arabia and Russia.

The European police agency is asking all EU members to Alert and notify for any movement through border control

Greece is among EU countries put on alert by Europol for possible acts of terrorism by jihadists using cars packed with explosives, a Greek police official said anonymously, the ANA -MPA wrote on Tuesday January 13.

The official said the warning was issued on Saturday and is in effect until January 17.

Greek Ferry disaster: “And the sharks ate the passengers . Nine or two hundred, we don’t know…”.

The relatives of the lost up to now passengers of Norman Atlantic are day by day crying in agony, two weeks+, now,  after the disaster, without having from the authorities a word .Talking on the Greek media, and -trying still to keep their hope alive-, they describe how each family of them , tryied to follow up the movements of their beloved ones,  and how unexplainably, their relative’s traces were lost. Some families believe their relative might be in a hospital in Italy, and nobodyof them can accept that uncountable numbers of bodies are not found .

Greece today announced that the missing people are only nine( !) while ,the last week this number was 19. No explanations are given. Meanwhile, the Greek media reproduce the recent Italian authorities’ quote, that missing passengers might have disappeared because they might have been eaten by the sharks …

Autopsies will be carried out in the presence of a marine biologist after investigators said at least one of the nine bodies recovered from the sea presented with wounds resembling shark bites, the reports said.


Day to day, filled up with pain and horror for the unthinkable accident, relatives almost re-experience the horrible hours on that ferry, where help was not there, alarms had not been ringing, and lots, and lots of people were mysteriously lost.

About 43 passengers from the Norman Atlantic who arrived in the Greek capital as survivors, described fighting in dispair to escape form the live hell :caught among flames, pelting rain and passengers who fought others to be rescued”, wrote the The Associated Press

The death toll from the ferry fire remains officially still ,11 persons that are announced.

Since the first moments of the Rescue Operation, the unaccounted lives- bodies- persons- and- souls, vary from 9 , that the Greek authorities announced today, January 13, to 98 that the Italian prosecutor had in Italy announced on December 29, and also to the nr. of 179, as also Italian Prosecutor Volpe appears by the Italian media have said at the first hours of the disaster.

It is still not clear whether the people missing had drowned, or whether they had failed to board the ferry, or burned in the ship helpless.

  •  The official statements by Greece

In Greece, the story about the floating flaming ditch is presented officially by the Ministers of Maritime and of Defense, since the early first day, by these points;

eleven deaths-ninteen/nine  missing-
very bad communication with Italy,
very bad weather to look for answers,
and,,, also, a confessed by Greek and Italian authorities possibility of these “unidentified” persons on the lists to be “just immigrants” that boarded simply illegally…..”


  • the immigrants

It is still unclear how many people, including illegal immigrants, had boarded without being recorded.
The Italian prosecutor investigating the case, said Afghan stowaways were among the survivors who were rescued.

“Given that the ship was indisputably carrying illegal migrants who were probably hidden in the hold, we fear that we’ll find more dead people once we recover the wreck,” prosecutor Giuseppe Volpe said.

A Greek survivor who talked on Italian and Greek TV, said he had been in the garage area, where the immigrants were quite a lot .At least 5, he said, was the number he had seen , “moving like shadows” . But he also stated, the immigrants were lighting fire in the garage to warm up, since the temperature in there was very low .

  • Fire in the garage, say the survivors

It seems possible that the fire could have start in the garage, if the survivors’ testimony come true, since there were trucks carrying oil on board, as some of the passengers have said. But no definite statement or discussion is further made on that, also, by the authorities in Greece so far. Fears are, no news are going to be heard as the national elections ( Jan.25), come close.

Reports from the authorities on Patras port say the Safety Control that took place 9 days before the fatal trip, had been alarming for the fire doors that were not working properly, and this, according to marine engineers, is considered the most serious factor that le the fire to spread to the entire ship .


  •  Rescue operation in question

The rescue operation was also conducted amid considerable danger and panic. Rescued passengers said the crew on board was unable to cope.

Captain Giacomazzi appeared on his testimony to insist that “all safety procedures were respected” –which sharply diverges from the testimony of survivors, who said that passengers fought to be rescued and that the crew were nowhere to be seen as the blaze spread out of control.

They said they received no instructions from crew members, that no alarm was given and that the deck of the ship became so hot that their shoes started melting.

Ute Kilger, a passenger from Munich, described how she saw a middle-aged man shove past women, children and the elderly to ensure he was winched to safety by a helicopter before them.
“He just went and sat in the basket, which was clearly designed for children. I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry,” the 45-year-old lawyer told Italian media “I was finally finally lucky, I was saved after nearly 24 hours. This is a long time to fill with hope and with fear that you will die.”

                              na ro

  • At the end of the Day , is it safe to carry unknown number of unknown immigrants on an international passengers’ ferry line, in the womb of Europe ?

It would be ideal for any of the authorities ,in charge in Greece today for the immigration and trafficking through the country, (let’s say for the Ministries of Internal Affairs, of Maritime , and of Health, and for all the Departments and organizations of the Greek state for Safety), to be in the position to say that all immigrants in the country are checked at the entrance points and medically screened .

At least, this is what reports from the islands say, and what the Urgent Circulates that where sent to all ports of the country, and to all the immigrants’ entry points, by the Greek Center of Disease Control ( HCDCP) in Octob.2014, show . By the circulates which emphasize on the Guidelines for the shield of the country for communicative diseases and especially Ebola,

Maritime Companies should be aware and vigilant on protecting the health of the passengers, and should be on the alert for any possible symptoms associated with Ebola infection, especially in cases of passengers that might have visited Ebola affected areas

the Coast Guard, the Greek Police, border guards and all the personnel involved in the procedures of the management of the illegal immigrants newcomers are informed for all  the preventive measures that are required, by clear and simple instructions,, primarily for the direct identification of the origin country of the incoming immigrants, and also for the necessity of making obligatory the immediate medical evaluation.….

As Greek to me first exclusively has revealed, since early summer 2014, it has been a common practice for over seven months now, to let immigrants from the Aegean islands travel on commercial lines by the ferries to Athens, where they are allowed to stay for one month.

As anyone can easily guess , the trip from Patras to Italy by the ferry , is just the next piece of the trafficking road to the rest of Europe.
By the Norman Atlantic disaster, one of the tragic elements of the story that came to light is for sure.

Immigrants frequently travel that way and usualy are  unidentified and unknown. In numbers, place of origin and, of course, names.

Is that proper, in the womb of Europe ?

Norman Atlantic tragedy: Unknown still the unaccounted. Do we know how many are missing?



Who was Who on that Ferry? Who are those still missing from each country? Whose “flesh” is still burning on that floating hell after almost two weeks, and who is going to honestly inform the public for the macabre marine casualty?

Italian prosecutor Giuseppe Volpe, who is in Italy investigating the tragedy, said 98 people were unaccounted for after the disaster.
He said: “There are 98 people of whom there is still no news.”

Who are those people? Why nobody is talking for them?

In Greece , the story is by the media systematically played down, as the press is being intensively absorbed by the pre-election polarity .The stories of the survivors as they came alive from the elusive tragedy are being played down, and the latest days, the ferry story may not even appar on the news, fading out in the Greek public opinion .

But we are talking…

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Human bodies might still be burning next to us, on the live “hell” of that ferry, and nobody gives a damnn


Unexplained the delay of the search of the bodies, unknow still in number


Brindisi Coast Guard Capt. Mario Valente said Monday that searchers are trying to reach lower decks near the Norman Atlantic ferry’s car deck, where a pre-dawn blaze began Dec. 28 while the ferry sailed from Greece toward Italy. But since then, no news about how many might be missing .


The fire has claimed at least 11 lives. Greece says as many as 19 people might be unaccounted for; Italy says that figure might be much higher. But the lives over there, the bodies, the mind and souls,  are still unknown. And tragically, … nobody noticed.

Not even the greek media wonder who was who and who might be burning next to us, for more than 11,now, days

In Greece, end of the year 2014  

Since the onboard search began there are  high temperatures have thwarted…

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