Dear EU, do you protect European citizens from Ebola entering our borders ?

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Biosafety, threatened really on EU borders?

By the Ebola threat multiplying day-to day in the Western world, the border control has become one of the major topics on Ebola within the western world , especially after Obama ordered the tightening of airport screening on travelers from African countries.

Today, 26 US congressmen urged the US President to toughen airport screenings, ban citizens of impacted West African countries from traveling to the U.S. and consider quarantining travelers who have recently traveled to those countries, noting that  the disease could spread in the U.S. as infected individuals might not show symptoms for 21 days after being exposed to the deadly virus, according to the Centers for Disease Control.

A similar official question to the European Parliament has been raised by the EMP  Gianluca Buonanno (NI)

According to the data and statistics available, more illegal immigrants from Africa arrive in Europe, including Italy, every year than cross the US border from Mexico. Furthermore, there are serious problems in the EU relating to the lack of controls and the spread of infectious diseases, such as Ebola and tuberculosis, that accompany illegal immigration from Africa.

President Obama is using the American military in patrol, surveillance and border defence operations on the border between the US and Mexico in order to locate and drive back the many illegal immigrants entering the United States via that border.

Does the Commission agree that it is time to follow the United States’ lead and implement a policy of border surveillance and protection by deploying a specialized European military force which can take appropriate action to prevent the entry into European territorial waters of persons who are not entitled to do so and who largely come from countries in which the Ebola virus occurs?

But how really serious are on this error, within Europe, governments like, let’s say the Greek gov, on assessing the true dangers, and preventive react on such  Emergency, before it is too late? Greece for example seems like if the problem has never hit its door.

Apart from the Emergency Preparedness for Ebola that is held by the truly experienced on Emergencies  Greek CDC, no one says a word about  the possible fears of illicit immigrants reaching the Aegean islands to be infected by Ebola , as if this possibility could not even exist . But how come, this awareness to exist even in Albania, for immigrants arriving there from African countries through Greece, and the Greek authorities not to say a single word .

  • In August 15, the Newsweek Magazine revealed that Albanian police had detained 40 illegal immigrants from Africa and five of them had been kept under quarantine after exhibiting symptoms of Ebola, as Macedonian newspaper Vecer had reported, the Newsweek had wrote.
  • These five, quarantined, illicit immigrants had illegally entered Europe via Greece, the article emphasized .
  • Since early summer, when the Ebola spread was still on the rise,  the threat of the nightmarish disease entering the Mediterranean societies, by the boats that carry hundreds illicit immigrants daily,  evoked by strong rumors about the Pisa Hospital that had been closed and kept under quarantine, which where never declined scientifically , or politically, in a straight way.

While the Controlling Borders Guideline was the major WHO strategic for containing Ebola in Africa, since the early days of the disease spread, but, though, could not, and has not been accomplished in the African countries and their borders, with today’s frightening epidemic results, and even though, at this very  moment,  the Border Control for Ebola has reached, as a main issue, even the -far away, geographically,-  borders of Mexico to the US, Greece, which happens to be just on one of the closest points of the West to the African hit countries by Ebola, has just ignored any trace of risk that might exist on her East Aegean sea, borders and land, which happens to be the most critical East -to- West Borders of Europe on bio- safety and safety levels

  •  On the Greek Lesvos island, on NorthEast Aegean where the iliicit immigrants are arrested and kept, as soon as they cross the sea borders, and are definitely not screened for Ebola, the detention of all these thousands of immigrants from the African countries,  has been shaped on the most critical , summer months till now, by  a “bipolar policy” practice. While the new detention center on Lesvos that is built by the government’s, and the European budgets, looks rather than a high-risk criminals’ jail than a detainee center, the alternative center that was used during the summer was almost open and free.

Iliicit Immigrants that had crossed the borders through the sea and were sent there to stay for months, does not mean they are screened for diseases, It just happened because the other detainee centers were overcrowded. They were kept there during the whole summer, -over six hundred of them in numbers-, a kind of open camp, used in the past for schoolkids vacations, and were,- arbitrarily, by the local authorities-, treated more like visitors rather than detainees, with personal cards from the campus that allowed them to walk in the community, shop, swim on the  beach, and openly interact with the local community. Lately, the new Maire of Lesvos island has ordered this open shelters’ evacuation, for safety reasons, community sanity and hygiene, but the problem, has just  moved even closer. To local residents and tourists.

                     Πρόσκοποι της Λέσβου για τους παράνομους μετανάστες

  • Today you see dozens of illicit immigrants staying openly at the islands’ port, and more importantly, you may easily travel with them on the boats to and from Athens and use even the same boat toilets with them .On Thursday, October 9, the Maire of Lesvos island, D. Gallinos, sent a furious letter to all the Greek Ministers the issue might concern, asking them to seriously protect Global Health Safety, local Safety and Travel Safety by facing seriously, just a simple picture: Undetected immigrants , undiagnosed, simply lying their life on the front of the islands’ port ..  Who takes the responsibility of this phenomenon and major Risk? Who signs for the dozens of undetected immigrants to travel among citizens and tourists , on the same boats?
  • No official answer has so far be given by the Greek government, even though Greek to me ! has first raised this story since June of 2014, leading to an instant reaction of the independent MP Vasilis Kapenaros who made formal question to the Greek Parliament,  asking straight the Greek Ministers in charge, for not only the biological safety issues, by the error for Ebola coming first, but also  for a live terrorism threat, since dozens of immigrants every day travel by the ferry boats with no escort of Greek police, undiagnosed and undetected.
  • On Wednesday, the Authorities in Greece,  have also warned of a three-fold rise in the number of immigrants entering the country this year, as the wrote. The UNHCR urged the EU countries to provide ports for reception and to process asylum seekers’ applications, calling further the 28-member bloc to provide emergency financial aid to Italy, Greece, and Malta, to help them manage the wave of Syrian refugees making illegal sea crossings.

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