France and Italy do stand against the Merckel- Austerity- Europe now. Greece does not, as if austerity never hit its people at all. What an apathetic Greece for the Greeks!

MILAN — With Europe once again rattling global markets, many of the largest European countries are now rebelling against the German gospel of belt-tightening and demanding more radical steps to reverse their slumping fortunes.

One after another, European leaders arrived in Milan on Thursday for a summit meeting with their Asian counterparts, smiling for photographs despite gloomy financial news this week of stock markets tumbling and borrowing costs shooting up, especially in Greece, evoking memories of the euro crisis two years ago.

In past years, however, the eurozone nations buckled under to German demands to slash budget deficits and roll back public services, and then watched in dismay as unemployment rates shot into the double digits and growth collapsed. Now, France, Italy and the European Central Bank have coalesced into a bloc against Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany, and they are insisting that Berlin change course.

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Too far away the 180 Votes for the President, Mr. Samaras, you have just 155!

The vote of confidence from the Greek Parliament was the Prime Minister’s Antonis Samaras strategic move to gain more time and the image of stability for the coalition government .
All 155 lawmakers in the conservative-socialist coalition backed the vote, among them a rebel  New Democracy lawmaker and ex Minister of Health, Nikitas Kaklamanis, who returned to the conservative party some hours before the vote.
131 opposition lawmakers in the 300-seat Greek parliament rejected the vote  and two said they were voting neither way.

Speaking  spoke before all prominent party members, the Prime Minister sent messages of unity, promising brighter days to the Greeks and expressing once again his strong belief that the harsh austerity times are over. As usually, he attacked the opposition party, and personally, the SYRIZA leader Alexis Tsipras, accusing him for serving false promises to the Greek people. But this time, he insisted on asking SYRIZA votes to support his government, even after the Presidential March elections , where the government needs 180 votes of the 300 Greek  MPs

“Come together to elect the President,”  Samaras said. “We will do it anyway, without you. it would be better to do it together”
The opposition leader made clear to the government that SYRIZA will never  legitimize the agreements under which the coalition gov has dramatically engaged the country and ended the discussion calling Antonis Samaras to go directly to elections.

History shows that the vote for confidence in Greece is the last line of defense for an unpopular government, a greekrepoter article recently wrote.

In November 4, 2011, the ex Prime Minister George Papandreou had asked the Greek  parliament for confidence vote. He got 153 votes in favor and 145 against.

Two days later, he was forced to resign.

Ebola safety in Greece, illicit immigrants, the feces and the scary gaps


The Entrance Gates of Greece at the airports will be recruited by additional health personnel, fully updated on Ebola Emergency Response by the Greek Center for Disease Control, while Travelers arriving in Greece from Ebola hit countries, or countries “suspicious” for potential Ebola transmission will be asked to fill a “contact history” questionnaire on their arrival, as to be first screened for potential Ebola infection.
According to their contact and travel history, travelers will be allowed to enter Greece, or will be further medically screened for Ebola virus, and in case of infection, will be quarantined.

On a broad Emergency meeting of the Greek Ministry of Health on Friday, October 10, with all the stakeholders involved in the Prevention and Response of Ebola epidemic, the Greek CDC (HCDCP/KEELPNO), and the Emergency Operation Center, it was decided that preventive measures for Ebola virus should be intensified, and that extra special caution should be given on the awareness of people who come in contact with the immigrants, NGO workers, illicit immigrants’ populations, and immigrant groups.

Πρόσκοποι της Λέσβου για τους παράνομους μετανάστες

No further information on the possible risks for Ebola contamination through the illicit immigrants’ populations was announced after the meeting, even though the latest updated scientific facts of the epidemic, do show important gaps on Greece’s Safety on the Prevention of Ebola, by the thousands of illicit immigrants, who extensively  live and interact with the local population on the Aegean islands and in the Greek cities.

On Thursday, October 9, the new Maire of Mytilini, Lesvos island, Spyros Galinos, sent a furious letter to three ministers in charge, expressing the deep regrets of the local population for the governments’ unacceptable indifference for the hundreds of illicit immigrants, who remain, unchecked for infectious diseases, settled at Mytilini port, as soon as they step out of the traffickers’ boats, many of them from origin countries hardly hit by Ebola, and so many other infectious diseases.

But the most scary version of this story in Greece is just starting to be revealed. On Lesvos island, specifically, there is an open issue with the sewage dumps that are not properly evacuated, on the exact points of the illicit immigrants’ shelters. On the same moment, throughout the town of the island, wells of the sewerage system remained during the whole summer not properly  sealed, stinking all over the city a repulsive stench .

How responsible to the Global Health Village, the Greeks, and the travelers and tourists, could this situation, by the authorities’ indifference, be?

The latest updates by the US Center of Disease Control emphasize on the strict guidelines by which the body of the first Ebola victim in the US has to be buried.

According to CDC documents, only people trained in handling infected human remains and wearing proper safety gear should touch or move any Ebola-infected remains. Handling and transportation should be kept to a minimum and an autopsy should be avoided unless absolutely essential.

The body should not be washed or cleaned in any way and should be wrapped in plastic to prevent contamination. Following the removal of the body, the hospital room should be thoroughly disinfected. So long as the body is safely shrouded in plastic, any transport drivers do not need to wear protective gear.

Once the body arrives at the mortuary, the agency does not recommend embalming. The shrouded body should be placed directly into a hermetically sealed casket by trained mortuary personnel wearing head-to-toe protective gear. The remains should then be immediately buried or cremated.

If Duncan’s body is to be transported back to West Africa, the family will need to comply with the regulations of the country of destination, and will have to be coordinated in advance with U.S. health authorities.


Dear EU, do you protect European citizens from Ebola entering our borders ?

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Biosafety, threatened really on EU borders?

By the Ebola threat multiplying day-to day in the Western world, the border control has become one of the major topics on Ebola within the western world , especially after Obama ordered the tightening of airport screening on travelers from African countries.

Today, 26 US congressmen urged the US President to toughen airport screenings, ban citizens of impacted West African countries from traveling to the U.S. and consider quarantining travelers who have recently traveled to those countries, noting that  the disease could spread in the U.S. as infected individuals might not show symptoms for 21 days after being exposed to the deadly virus, according to the Centers for Disease Control.

A similar official question to the European Parliament has been raised by the EMP  Gianluca Buonanno (NI)

According to the data and statistics available, more illegal immigrants from Africa arrive in Europe, including Italy, every year than cross the US border from Mexico. Furthermore, there are serious problems in the EU relating to the lack of controls and the spread of infectious diseases, such as Ebola and tuberculosis, that accompany illegal immigration from Africa.

President Obama is using the American military in patrol, surveillance and border defence operations on the border between the US and Mexico in order to locate and drive back the many illegal immigrants entering the United States via that border.

Does the Commission agree that it is time to follow the United States’ lead and implement a policy of border surveillance and protection by deploying a specialized European military force which can take appropriate action to prevent the entry into European territorial waters of persons who are not entitled to do so and who largely come from countries in which the Ebola virus occurs?

But how really serious are on this error, within Europe, governments like, let’s say the Greek gov, on assessing the true dangers, and preventive react on such  Emergency, before it is too late? Greece for example seems like if the problem has never hit its door.

Apart from the Emergency Preparedness for Ebola that is held by the truly experienced on Emergencies  Greek CDC, no one says a word about  the possible fears of illicit immigrants reaching the Aegean islands to be infected by Ebola , as if this possibility could not even exist . But how come, this awareness to exist even in Albania, for immigrants arriving there from African countries through Greece, and the Greek authorities not to say a single word .

  • In August 15, the Newsweek Magazine revealed that Albanian police had detained 40 illegal immigrants from Africa and five of them had been kept under quarantine after exhibiting symptoms of Ebola, as Macedonian newspaper Vecer had reported, the Newsweek had wrote.
  • These five, quarantined, illicit immigrants had illegally entered Europe via Greece, the article emphasized .
  • Since early summer, when the Ebola spread was still on the rise,  the threat of the nightmarish disease entering the Mediterranean societies, by the boats that carry hundreds illicit immigrants daily,  evoked by strong rumors about the Pisa Hospital that had been closed and kept under quarantine, which where never declined scientifically , or politically, in a straight way.

While the Controlling Borders Guideline was the major WHO strategic for containing Ebola in Africa, since the early days of the disease spread, but, though, could not, and has not been accomplished in the African countries and their borders, with today’s frightening epidemic results, and even though, at this very  moment,  the Border Control for Ebola has reached, as a main issue, even the -far away, geographically,-  borders of Mexico to the US, Greece, which happens to be just on one of the closest points of the West to the African hit countries by Ebola, has just ignored any trace of risk that might exist on her East Aegean sea, borders and land, which happens to be the most critical East -to- West Borders of Europe on bio- safety and safety levels

  •  On the Greek Lesvos island, on NorthEast Aegean where the iliicit immigrants are arrested and kept, as soon as they cross the sea borders, and are definitely not screened for Ebola, the detention of all these thousands of immigrants from the African countries,  has been shaped on the most critical , summer months till now, by  a “bipolar policy” practice. While the new detention center on Lesvos that is built by the government’s, and the European budgets, looks rather than a high-risk criminals’ jail than a detainee center, the alternative center that was used during the summer was almost open and free.

Iliicit Immigrants that had crossed the borders through the sea and were sent there to stay for months, does not mean they are screened for diseases, It just happened because the other detainee centers were overcrowded. They were kept there during the whole summer, -over six hundred of them in numbers-, a kind of open camp, used in the past for schoolkids vacations, and were,- arbitrarily, by the local authorities-, treated more like visitors rather than detainees, with personal cards from the campus that allowed them to walk in the community, shop, swim on the  beach, and openly interact with the local community. Lately, the new Maire of Lesvos island has ordered this open shelters’ evacuation, for safety reasons, community sanity and hygiene, but the problem, has just  moved even closer. To local residents and tourists.

                     Πρόσκοποι της Λέσβου για τους παράνομους μετανάστες

  • Today you see dozens of illicit immigrants staying openly at the islands’ port, and more importantly, you may easily travel with them on the boats to and from Athens and use even the same boat toilets with them .On Thursday, October 9, the Maire of Lesvos island, D. Gallinos, sent a furious letter to all the Greek Ministers the issue might concern, asking them to seriously protect Global Health Safety, local Safety and Travel Safety by facing seriously, just a simple picture: Undetected immigrants , undiagnosed, simply lying their life on the front of the islands’ port ..  Who takes the responsibility of this phenomenon and major Risk? Who signs for the dozens of undetected immigrants to travel among citizens and tourists , on the same boats?
  • No official answer has so far be given by the Greek government, even though Greek to me ! has first raised this story since June of 2014, leading to an instant reaction of the independent MP Vasilis Kapenaros who made formal question to the Greek Parliament,  asking straight the Greek Ministers in charge, for not only the biological safety issues, by the error for Ebola coming first, but also  for a live terrorism threat, since dozens of immigrants every day travel by the ferry boats with no escort of Greek police, undiagnosed and undetected.
  • On Wednesday, the Authorities in Greece,  have also warned of a three-fold rise in the number of immigrants entering the country this year, as the wrote. The UNHCR urged the EU countries to provide ports for reception and to process asylum seekers’ applications, calling further the 28-member bloc to provide emergency financial aid to Italy, Greece, and Malta, to help them manage the wave of Syrian refugees making illegal sea crossings.

Ebola Preparedeness on the Alert in Greece, Epidemic Risk for the Country considered still small .

Isolated building has been prepared to ‘host’, as appropriate, virus outbreaks
A fully ecquiped Isolation Intensive Unit has been set on the Alert on Amalia Fleming Hospital in Athens Greece, to host any possible Ebola cases that might appear in Greece.
Contrary to the devastated Public Health Sector, and the Public Hospitals in Greece that are hit hard by the austeriy measures, the Emergency Preparedeness for Infectious Diseases in the country remains on top scientific international level, and top priority for the Greek Health authorities, coordinated by the Greek CDC, as to better protect the Global Health village . This, in Greece, has a historical background and a

Moreover, the group of health workers who will face the potential Ebola cases in Greece has been defined, and health workers are continiously trainned by day-to-day scientific updation as to better respond on possible cases handling, and better prevent any further infections

Scientific Guidance for health professionals have been issued by the Greek CDC (HCDCP) since the early days of August,and also Ebola protection Guidelines for Travelers of international flights and especially for Travellers to and from the infected Countries.
The President of the Greek CDC (HCDCP) Tzeni Kremastinou has seriously taken into consideration the Alert and Error level of the Ebola outbreak, as to early and straight address the risks to the public, and and has coordinated since July a special team of experienced professionals for the Emergency Response. Despite the seriousness of the Disease and the hard conditions of the Greek Pubic Health System the president of the Greek CDC has expressed her confidence that if any Ebola cases enter the country, they will be handled medically adequate at most .

Up to now, three cases in Greece have been identified as suspected, but have been later proved to be malaria infections and not Ebola, all of them concerning foreign travelers. Two of them, men, had recently traveled to Lagos Nigeria, and the third one was of a woman with recent travel history to Congo . Relatives of all three cases have been adequately traced before the final negative to Ebola/positive to malaria results, assured the Chief in Emergency Response for Ebola of the Greek CDC, Professor of Infectious Diseases, Sotiris Tsiodras
By the latest and continuous risk assessments of the international health organizations,
Greece’s risk for Ebola epidemic is characterized so far as small, due, mainly, to the lack of direct flights to and from the countries where the disease is endemic.


Dengue Fever back in Greece, man dies by autochthonous infection. New malaria- dengue combo Alert in India

Greek Man’s Death in Greece prompts  dengue scare in the country, hit also by West Nile virus and malaria,  while a new malaria-dengue combo sets India on the Alert

An 80 year old man from Agrinio , Western Greece, died in hospital on August 30, after contracting fever , which seems the first endemic infection in the country since 1920. The Greek Center of Disease Control has already set his family under dengue infection control testing , as also does to other villagers who undergo Blood tests to check for a possible endemic source in Greece

Dengue fever is spread particularly by the Asian tiger mosquito which has increasingly been seen in Europe. but  is also considered the main carrier of West Nile Virus, which emerged in Greece since 2010 , and since then, hundreds of infections, and also deaths,  have been reported in Greece.

Although health officials believe the elderly man in western Greece had contracted dengue fever, they are describing it as a probable rather than a definite infection, because of the complications of the case.

There was evidence of West Nile Virus in his blood when he died in hospital in Patras, Greek  CDC specialists report,  but the dengue fever findings were stronger.

He also had an infection and low platelets (thrombocytopenia) –, both of them, symptoms of the dengue viral disease.

We are dealing with a disease we haven’t seen for several decades,” said Dr Sotirios Tsiodras of the Greek Centre for Disease Control and Prevention.

“It might be an isolated case but we want to make sure there are no further cases. We need to take it very seriously,” he said.

As well as blood tests, mosquito traps have been set up in Agrinio as part of an entomological investigation.

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On the same moment , In India, Mumbai, city doctors see a dangerous trend in vector-borne diseases in the city with people coming with both dengue and malaria infection. Though the number of such cases is not high, doctors say that it has now become important to check for both the diseases if there is fever to avoid complications and death. Talking about severity of dengue, doctors say that it is affecting major organs this time and therefore people shouldn’t neglect fever.

People getting dengue, malaria together
Dr Khusrav Bajan, intensivist at PD Hinduja Hospital, said: “There is one per cent chances for a dengue patient to get malaria and vice-versa. This year, surprisingly, we are seeing people infected with both these diseases. The numbers are few but this is something we have not seen earlier.”

This Day you will simply Die from Despair. Go pay your taxes, you , poor Greek! …. And yes, he died..


A 70 year old Greek man died on the last day of September, while standing on the bank queue to pay the “barbaric” Enfia  tax, which was also accutely imposed by the government during the August (vacation) days, and was announced by a definite deadline for the Greek citizens, threatening them otherwise to let the bank system take the money straight from the Greeks’ accounts, or put in jail whoever was not able to pay .

The 70 year old man was  patiently waiting for 1.5 hours and more to pay the ENFIA property tax, as the government had ordered, when he suffered a what it seems a heart attack, while waiting on a long queue at the bank , and no one knows if this was his last savings to get the coming month through, but was, definitely his last money of his life .

The emergency ambulance was called and came quite on time, but it seems that the episode was serious and acute  enough, not to give him any chances to be saved . He was transferred to a nearby hospital but despite all efforts, the man passed away.

The incident occured at a branch of National Bank of Greece in Thessaloniki, Northern Greece, and triggered an outrage.

A prosecutor intervened and asked on investigation for the reasons that led to the man’s death. A heart attack can happen to everyone while walking, sitting, standing, eating, sleeping. But when a sudden death occurs during a long queue at the bank to pay the property tax then the incident takes other dimensions… of Political,  Social and criminal, may be, Responsibility.


On that nightmarish Tuesday, of September 30, the deadline for the payment of first installment of new property tax ENFIA was expiring, as the government had announced, and many thousands Greeks rushed to the banks to pay it , while many taxpayers had been waiting for the pension or salary to come first, at the end of September, actually the same day, with the deadline of their new imposed tax obligations.

The notifications for the property tax payments have been delayed after the Finance Ministry had to proceed to several modifications and correct calculation errors that had led to incredible high amounts even for collapsed houses or agricultural plots.

At the same time, this Tuesday it was the expire date for the payment of income tax.


Greek Social Clinic to the Greek Austerity governments : You are killing the Greeks by intention, you will be judged for mass murder!

Poverty-Pushes-Greek-Parents-to-Give-Up-Children The Metropolitan Social Clinic started an Unyielding and Uncompromising struggle vs. the Greek Ministry of Health trying to prove that Greeks are cannibalized by intention, by recording and bringing to light cases of people who have paid seriously by their health or even their lives the Greek austerity politics,  due to the prolonged crisis and the lack of access to health services which have harmed their health. By the occasion of a recent German activists’ movement which has brought the Greek austerity health harm to the Greeks’ lives to Hague ,for a wide range of health detriment that the political measures have caused to the Greek population, the Metropolitan Social Clinic, invites all citizens of the country who belong to such social  groups to contact the Social Clinic for registering all incidents and provide their cases to The Hague tribunal. “We collect data for these violations for more than one year now, since the operation the Health issues Observatory center has stared, and we systematically record all the developments in the field of health”.. as to stand next to the helpless Greeks who face their life scare due to politically addressed harsh and inhuman measures, who cut lives by cutting costs, underlines the recent announcement of the Metropolitan Center at Hellinikon, and asks all Greeks to address their problem on the Centers’ website ” Moreover, almost every day, we do continue fighting in many levels, as well as with the Ministry of Health and the public administrations of hospitals, so that our uninsured patients can receive the necessary medical care without paying any cost, being in most cases long-term, unemployed and completely destitute citizens. A few months ago, German activist Sarah Luzia Hassel-Reusing has filed a lawsuit to the International Criminal Court in Hague against anyone


who has cotributed to the harm of the Greek population lives, with the suspicion of crime against humanity, via the systematic and widespread damage to the the Greek population Health by intent. For more on how austerity is Killing the Greeks, visit our Genocide Page on