Greece comes last in EU social justice index, the Neet Greek generation out of control

Greece comes last in EU social justice index

It is the generation Lost , in the Modern European Societies, for the young people who are not in employment, nor in education, nor in training.“In Greece, the Neet rate nearly doubled between 2008 and 2013″, notes the Report of the German Bertelsmann Foundation, for Social Justice in Europe, which measured that 31.6% of people in Greece between the ages of 20 and 24 are so-called Neets, meaning they are neither in employment or participating in training or further-education programmes.

The reported that that while Greece, along with Spain and Italy, has a comparably high GDP per capita, it performed “far worse” in the social justice index rankings, which measures performance in poverty prevention, access to education, access to the labour market, social cohesion, non-discrimination, health and intergenerational equity.

The resulting diminution of prospects for broad swathes of society represents a significant danger to the country’s political and social stability, is the same reports’ conclusions.

These developments illustrate that the cuts induced by the crisis are not administered in a balanced way throughout the population”

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