E-banking users warning announced in Greece by the Cyber Crime Unit


What looks like a genuine invoice from their lender is what the bank customers’ receive via-e-mails, being invited to click on a link in the e-mail, which installs the  EMOTET virus. the Greek Cyber-Crime Administration announced on June 30, 2014, warning e-banking users to protect themselves against a new computer virus that helps criminals steal their details.



This way,  criminals are allowed to bypass secure connections when bank customers log on for e-banking services.

The Greek cyber crime unit by its warning announced to e-bank users that the new Banking Malware breaks through security systems,and is able to “read” the personal data not only of the specific user who is attacked, but also of his connections.

More specifically, the new malware is able to acquire access data to online banking, including usernames and passwords, and can collect user network traffic data (sniff network traffic), thus obtaining the personal data of other users connected to the specific user.

This software called EMOTET spreads rapidly via e-mails, the Greek Cyber Crime Administration said.

A user receives an e-mail, which is supposed to inform him or her of some money transfer to his or her bank account and which contains a link for more information regarding this transfer. By clicking on the link, the user starts the installation of the malicious software, being unaware of this.

The software is even able to break through the secure HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure) connection, exposing access to online banking data to severe dangers.

The Greek cyber crime unit advises those citizens who have received e-mail messages with similar content neither to open the links nor to download the files in the e-mail.

In all cases, users are advised to liaise with, and consult, their bank in order to confirm the reliability of the online message before proceeding to the next action.

If a user clicks on a link in such an e-mail, which is confirmed to be a spam, it is recommended to reinstall the entire operation system.

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