Greece on top of the travel dream


Greece stands among the world’s top dream destinations of the world , by the results of Virtuoso’s eighth annual Travel Dreams Survey which show the wish-lists of the world’s best travelers . Virtuoso, the international luxury network of travel advisors known for creating exceptional experiences, reveals the full survey results in the July/August issue of the network’s award-winning magazine, “VIRTUOSO LIFE”.


By the Virtuoso’s 2014 Travel Dreams Survey, Greece comes 7nth on theTop 10 Dream Destinations list:

1. Australia

2. Italy

3. New Zealand

4. France

5. Fiji

6. Ireland

7. Greece

8. Antarctica

9. South Africa

10. The Caribbean

Romantic Greece

The Greek islands come 2nd on the top Dream Islands List, just after Hawai, and Fidji islands following on the third place

1. Hawaii

2. Greek Islands

3. Fiji

4. New Zealand

5. Capri


On the Best Trips for two list, the Greek isles come also second, and the Mediterrrannean cruise 4rth among five top dream destinations

1. Paris in April

2. The Greek Isles

3. Overwater bungalow in Tahiti

4. Mediterranean cruise

5. Caribbean resort stay

The Mediterrannean comes also second on the Dream List of sailing spots of the world by the European river/canal on top

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