The third Paradise , where Ancient Greece met death… ! Michaelangelo Pistolleto spots his re-birth event in Eleusina, Greece



The concept of the exhibition at the Palaio Elaiourgio (Oil Mill) is inspired by the idea of ​​the “Third Heaven” (Il Terzo Paradiso), according to which Pistoletto uses a “New Symbol of Eternity”, which reshapes the mathematical symbol of infinity. Pistoletto has constructed three cycles, the two of which symbolize Art and Nature, while the third circle symbolizes the combination of both, Third Heaven’s productive “womb”. It is a project concerned with our individual and collective responsibility for social change.


Pistoletto, exhibits his work for the first time in Greece and he is considered a major international art figure and one of Arte Povera’s pioneer artists. These recent years, the artist deals with the meaning of the third heaven (Terzo Paradiso), a theoretical approach about the distance of the technological human with nature and the necessity to re-approach these two poles, through the creation of a third one that becomes the basis of their coexistence. Pistoletto’s work will include in situ constructions, works which will be placed in the buildings of Palaio Elaiourgio.


Some of his works also will be presented at the events that will place during his stay at Eleusis.

Manuela Gandini, Italian art critic and writer, is the curator of the exhibition.

30 August 2014 … 05 October 2014 | Palaio Elaiourgeio Eleysinas > Eleysina

Michelangelo Pistoletto Art Exhibition

Opening: Saturday, August 30 at 20:30.

As part of Aeschylia Festival 2014.

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