Press, Spies and the Greek taylor-made Information War

Kostas Vaxevanis, after the trial that justified him and condemmned thegang being set by the National Intelligence Agency  that plotted to assassinate him after destroying his reputation, because he dared to publish the Lagarde list

Simos Kedikoglou, the PM spokesman, serving on the role of the ex Ministers of Press, now permanently expelled by the top Journalists Union for his role in closing by handcoughs the National Broadcasting TV

Dimitris Reppas, the powerful Press-man and Press Minister of Kostas Simitis governance, on a joyful interaction of

Greece , on the 2014 World Freedom of Press Index , by color orange, as nowhere else on the civilized

George Tragas, the Hero of Freedom of Speech battles in the 18 years old

Press, Spies and the Greek taylor-made Information War.