Nomenclature semantics for the National Parade, Greek Independence Day and the US President



The proclamation released by US President Barack Obama for our National day, the 25th of March was  entitled “ Greek Independence Day: A National Day of Celebration of Greek and American Democracy, 2014″, and sended a message to Greece, which chose, especially  this year, to  broadcast  a nomenclature-like semiology to its people.

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Europe this is the Success! (story, for Greece) Isn’t it ?

The leader of Opposition to EU/IMF bailout party Alexis Tsipras , 2% plus ahead of the governing party in Greece. His party , he says represents not only the leftists but also the conservatives but damaged anbd dissapointed

Europe this is the Success! (story, of Greece) Isn’t it ?.

Alexis Tsipras criticised the government for its plans to distribute the primary surplus “of unhappiness, tragedy and blood” as another attempt to gloss over things  before May’s local government and Europarliament elections.

Tsipras personally attacked Prime Minister Antonis Samaras for “trying to convince (people) about his ‘success story’ by handing out two or three hundred-euro bills before elections” and Finance Minister Yannis Stournaras, whom he called “an alchemist,” for his “disaster accounting.”

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Syrian Exodus drowing into Aegean waters , another tragedy . 7 Syrian migrants and two children drown off Greek island, two still missing  

Mar 19, 2014

 The bodies of seven undocumented migrants, among them  two children, were discovered in the Aegean Sea on Tuesday, March 18,as by the local news and the Greek Shipping Ministry was announced.

Authorities said they had recovered the bodies of seven immigrants, including two children, who drowned overnight when a boat sank in the eastern Aegean Sea, 2,8 miles of Lesvos island,  after travelling illegally from nearby Turkey.

The Merchant Marine Ministry said eight other people were rescued near the island of Lesvos. Two of the dead were found in the water off the coast of the island, while the other five were recovered from their semi-sunken boat. The mayour of the island , Dimitri Vounatsos, empahsised , talking on air, that the sea was calm, but the boat sunk accidentally due to panic induced among the migrants’ group when they were approached by greek coastguard.

For one and more days, the authorities have been still searching for two more migrants believed missing from the boat. Three coast guard vessels, a helicopter and private boats were involved in the search.

The migrants’ nationalities were not immediately known,according to the Greek news and the Associated Press, but the mayor revealed some hours later that they were Syrians.

Sea tragedies occur quite often in the Aegean Sea, as thousands of migrants attempt to enter Greece illegally from its neighboring countries each year.During the past weekend the Greek coastguard detained 64 undocumented migrants off Lesvos island’s coasts 

From the early start till October 2013, 4,409 migrants attempted to enter Greece through Lesvos island, which stands just six miles away from mainland Turkey,  the BBC reported on a video documetnray. Of those, 2,600 were arrested on Lesvos island and were held on the detainnee center. “Non-Syrians stay for around 25 days there  before being given papers that order them to leave Greece within a month. Syrians, due to their country’s civil war, are released more quickly and allowed six months in Greece” adds the BBC 

 But after Polio striked  since November 2013 as an epidemic cluster on Syria children, the WHO and the ECDC orderd extra vigilance  and caution for the European countries importing Syrian refugees, and that means, primarily Greece, and mostly Lesvos.   By the  BBC report, Lesvos Aegean island, the Greece’s third largest, a place of extraordinary natural beauty – but now one of Europe’s key immigration frontier” as the BBC notes, “holds the first spot on the European immigration inflow “. And it is there, local authorities reports say, where the half, and more, of the immigrants entering Greece on the latest months are Syrians and Syrian families.

It is now the Greek CDC,(HCDCP), under a nightmare surround of a Health system crumbling to pieces day by day due to austerity measures, which is called to shoulder this world’s Urgent responsibility, and it’s not the first time for Greece.  It is , though, the first time in Modern world, that a country impoverished on such a level Noone OF the modern world still can imagine, to hold the Unbearable of protecting the safety of the Global Health Village, while nobody From this country -except the very experts- at least cares for that!……. 

Due to the special peculiarities of our country, such as the immigration and  the refugees inflow from  areas as Pakistan Afghanistan, Nigeria and recently Syria, where polio is endemic“, the Greek CDC announced, “surveillance on Poliovirus has become more than ever urgent, as it is the urgent need for the strengthening of  immunization programs  in  populations with low vaccination coverage, as the Roma, gypsies and illicit immigrants.” 

It is less than five years ago, when Greece was proud for its Public Health shield, that could, really guarantee for the biological safety of the guarding Gate of the West , a Gate that this country happens to be since thousands of years, as a geographical spot. 

Even by embracing the thousands of illicit immigrants since the start of the millenium, Greece was managing to withhold critical epidemics, like also the pandemic, by Alert Action Plans, scheduled and elaborated by the Greek CDC, and by even paying for the expensive therapies of the immigrants whener -and for whoever of these was found infected by communicable diseases (such as the HIV since the very early days ). And, indeed. Greece was standing proudly towards the New era of the Global Public Health Alert, which happens to light up now in the around  Greece area, in  Eastern Mediterranean, were nations, cultures and human masses merge on these days in a flammable pot. Greece holds the scrap of this melting pot, the 90% of the illicit immigrants who enter Europe,( by FRONTEX 2012)  on the crossroads of East and West , North and South, but by keeping also the keys of Europe, and the guarantee of Public Health Safety on behalf of Europe towards the WestAnd here comes the Polio .

The Greek CDC (HCDCP), -by any cost that political efforts demand to convince a chaotic and paralysed state by its governors, as Greece is at the moment- has maximised since October 2013 the National Alertness and Preparedness efforts to prevent an outbreak of polio in Greece, which will enter Europe on the same moment.  Epidemiological , laboratory and environmental surveillance of poliovirus have been strengthened on parallell with the intensification of  immunization status monitoring of infants, children , adolescents and adults, and the completion of their vaccination against polio, in both the general public and the special populations with low vaccination coverage, such as gypsies, mobile populations, migrants, refugees and asylum seekers.

 Also, the Greek CDC has informed by all the up-to-date documentation, following the Global Travel Health Principles, the ambassadors of countries where polio is endemic for the need to vaccinate their citizens in order to obtain visa  to enter Greece. The Greek CDC (HCDCP) also issues Guidelines on vaccination for travelers to and from countries considered high risk on poliovirus.

Besides, the Greek CDC ( HCDCP) has already  introduced  since March 2013 the  polio vaccine  in the scheduled action of  the  immigrant reception centers at the northern land frontiers of  Greece, Evros and Aegean islands, of course.

 Still, it remains a lot to be done to avoid an Armagedon. To learn why Greece’s Armagedon is in the air(!), go to our full story of Greek to me !

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The Cyber threat Prosecution Service abolished from Northern Greece! A greek, or european-greek decision?… (or, dramatrically worse, a decision soooo dissapointingly made- in-Greece?)

The Cyber threat Prosecution Service abolished from Northern Greece! A greek, or european-greek decision?... (or, dramatrically worse, a decision soooo dissapointingly made- in-Greece?)

Hold your breath and try to solve the puzzle of these shocking facts: Due to the sensitivity of the matter we will not comment , but just set the pieces of the puzzle together, since, according to our journalistic prism and experience, it seems unbelievable to realise that such a governmental decision, today in Greece, might really exist.

1. As on Sunday, March 8th, Manos Niflis on Real FM “Teddy boys” Radio show revealed, the Cyber threat Prosecution Service officers of Northern Greece dennounce that the new law of the Minister of Public Order D. Dendias abolishes from now on the Department of Cyber threat Prosecution Service in Northern Greece . The officers , as they said , keeping their anonymity, to some journalists, have been notified that they will be reclaimed by local police departments or divisions, in the name of austerity cut of costs

2. For anyone who is not aware of the severity and importance of Cyber safety in our days, in this very humiliated land as Greece is today, the article lets you know that the topic of Cyber threat and safety was lately emphatically mentioned by, -may be only -, the US Ambassador to Greece on his speech at the National College of Greek Defense, as follows:
Transatlantic Security: The U.S. and European Partnership
Speech of the US Ambassador to Greece, David D. Pearce to the Hellenic National Defense College, Monday, February 24, 2014, 11am
“Our combined effort hopefully will not only help reduce the level of human suffering, but also help make the region, indeed the world, a safer place.Turning to future threats, I’d like to mention a non-traditional but critical security task for the United States, NATO, and Europe. That is the role of cyber defense. President Obama has declared that the “cyber threat is one of the most serious economic and national security challenges we face as a nation.”. As we all know, cybersecurity doesn’t stop at the borders. It involves protecting our broadband internet and wireless cellphones, it involves protecting the local networks in our schools and hospitals and businesses, and the massive grids that bring us our electricity. It involves protecting as well the classified military and intelligence networks that keep us safe, and the World Wide Web that has made us more interconnected than at any time in human history.
We all share a responsibility to improve our resilience to cyber incidents and reduce the cyber threat.We can be more resilient with better infrastructure that can stop penetration and disruption; and by improving our ability to defend against sophisticated and agile cyber threats, which can come from anywhere in the world. We can reduce cyber threats by working with allies on international norms of acceptable behavior in cyberspace, strengthening law enforcement capabilities against cybercrime, and deterring potential adversaries from taking advantage of our remaining vulnerabilities”.
Underlying all of these efforts is the need to stay one step ahead of our cyber adversaries. We must make cybersecurity developments available to and usable by everyone who needs it, including network operators and defenders, law enforcement, and IT management officials in the U.S., private industry, and with our allies.In closing, there are many challenging issues and opportunities ahead that are ripe for our cooperation. As Secretary of State Kerry has said, “the United States and the EU are bound together by common values and together provide sustained global leadership.”

3. Is this a case of political misunderstanding? From the poor Greece, that is, since years named to be one, -and might be the one-, main strategic Gate to the West of this world, here is how Europe sees the matter of cyber safety and cyber war, on these very fragile moments that the global community is going through on the matter of global piece. Below is the recent analysis of the European Council on Fopreign Relations of Europe for the new global strategy of the European continent in the near future, (and the real present, maybe) :

Why Europe needs a new global strategy, European Council on Foreign Relationships,
27 Nov 13 by Hans Kundnani & Mark Leonard & Nick Witney & Richard Gowan & Susi Dennison
Europe needs a new foreign policy strategy. Many of the approaches that worked so well for the EU in the past have become ineffectual and counter-productive. The EU’s official strategy – the European Security Strategy – will reach its 10th anniversary in December but Europe and the world have changed so dramatically in the last decade that the EU cannot simply stick to its outdated strategy.
Europe is losing power and influence as a foreign policy actor and needs to develop a new set of priorities how it wants to engage with the rest of the world……
“Today’s Europe is in crisis. But of all the world’s leading powers, none has had so much success in shaping the world around it over the last 20 years as the European Union. The United States provided the military underpinning for a Europe whole and free, but its record in other parts of the world has been mixed at best. Russia is still lagging behind where it was when the Cold War ended ( by November 2013, when the report was published). Japan has stagnated. Meanwhile risingpowers such as China have not yet sought to reshape global politics in their image. But since the end of the Cold War, the EU has peacefully expanded to include 16 new member states and has transformed much of its neighborhood by reducing ethnic conflicts, exporting the rule of law, and developing economies from the Baltic to the Balkans.

Some suggest Europe could effectively withdraw from geopolitics and become a “European Japan” – one without the ability or will to use military power except in self-defence. But, given the increasing instability in Europe’s southern and eastern neighbourhoods, this is unrealistic. Moreover, whereas in the past the US could be relied on to provide military capabilities to help Europeans solve problems in their own neighbourhood – as it did in the Balkans in the 1990s and to a lesser extent in Libya in 2011 – this may no longer be the case in future.( by Hans Kundnani, Research Director at the European Council on Foreign Relations)
The same report continues by the chapter…
Transatlanticism at a time of US disengagement
In 2003, comntimnues the same report of the European Council of Europe, there were no major issues in the world that were no seen through a transatlantic prism. But US policy on everything from Syria to the debt crisis raises big questions for Europeans.
As the US makes defence budget cuts and “pivots” towards Asia,President Barack Obama has taken a new low-cost approach to US leadership in an age of austerity. This involves use of drones, Special Forces and cyber warfare rather than the use of large-scale interventions and a mix of soft power and sanctions as the substitute for deeper diplomatic engagement or military action, and “leading from behind” where interventions are perceived to be absolutely necessary.
In particular, Obama’s responses to events from Egypt to Libya to Syria have suggested a new US approach to the Middle East – a region of strategic significanceto the EU,.US disengagement means that Europeans will be expected to take responsibility for sorting out problems in their own neighbourhood. Europe will not be left alone, especially if tensions with Iran lead to chaos in the Middle East.
Europeans should focus on developing their own capabilities and in particular the “strategic enablers” (reconnaissance assets, smart munitions etc.) they will need to manage crises in their own backyard – and which the US was forced to supply in the Libya campaign.

Greece, show me Democracy



How todays’ reality in Greece is traumatising human beeings, the Nation as a whole, the Ethics of the West, and the human mind. Two more incredible stories came in light  and really shocked the public who feels threatened and vulnerable as never again in modern history. A 90-year old woman  who suffers from Alzheimer was arrested by the police and had to be put in jail, for owning 5,000 euros to taxes. She was kept for ten days under a terrible moral and biological shock in a Psychiatry Clinic under the status of a prisoner, without anything else possible that could be done to overcome the strict regulations according to which the state simply and cynically demands it’s money to save for… surplus. The 90year old Greek Woman had lived a decent life…

Greeks now only fear, who’s coming next…..?Image

On the same days, a real shock for the Press and…

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Greece, show me Democracy


How todays’ reality in Greece is traumatising human beeings, the Nation as a whole, the Ethics of the West, and the human mind. Two more incredible stories came in light  and really shocked the public who feels threatened and vulnerable as never again in modern history. A 90-year old woman  who suffers from Alzheimer was arrested by the police and had to be put in jail, for owning 5,000 euros to taxes. She was kept for ten days under a terrible moral and biological shock in a Psychiatry Clinic under the status of a prisoner, without anything else possible that could be done to overcome the strict regulations according to which the state simply and cynically demands it’s money to save for… surplus. The 90year old Greek Woman had lived a decent life…

Greeks now only fear, who’s coming next…..?Image

On the same days, a real shock for the Press and the Public reveals the cruel face of this government , as six men, one of whom is alleged to be a member of the country’s secret service, were charged on Thursday 27 by a prosecutor with forming a gang that plotted to assassinate the prominent journalist Kostas Vaxevanis, who had dared to publish the Lagarde list of over 2,000 Greeks with accounts in a Swiss bank, when austerity program started in Greece. A woman, who was later taken into  witness protection program had appeared at the offices of Vaxevanis’ news magazine Hot Doc,confessing  that she was employed by a group of EYP, the National Intelligence Service,  operatives, who had rented an office at an address near HotDoc and whose aim, she explained, was eputation and then to kill him…..Image

Go to our Greek to me ! new Page ,the  “Greece, show me Democracy”  Page to get and idea how Democracy is day-today violated in its birthland, terrorising innocent citizens, who thought had voted for it ! Tragical irony, gthe name of this goevrnments; party is New Dempocracy!