Who did copyright our National Anthem?

Who did copyright the Greek National Anthem? It's the Hymn to Liberty!

Who did copyright our National Anthem?.

The Greek National Anthem is the Humn to Liberty, written by Dionýsios Solomós in 1823, after Greece’s liberation from the 4- centuries- long Turkish domination. It is not even, yet, 2 centuries old, and the Hymn to Freedom ,Greek National Anthem, lost its’ copyright. By accident, says the international market .   Greek Minister of Culture :” The  National Anthem is The Symbol in our nation’s heart “







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Greek to me !

Suspending Disbelief is the Cure


If you could create a painless, inexpensive cure for a single ailment, what would you cure and why?

Doubt. I would cure … doubt.

Because doubt is the thing that keeps us from trying.

Doubt is the thing that keeps us from achieving.

Doubt is the thing that keeps us from believing that the most amazing things can happen.

Doubt is the thing that holds us back and makes us … miss the magic.

My girl-child just started reading a book in her third grade class about the great Shoeless Joe Jackson.

So. Without a doubt, we had to watch Field of Dreams.

Field of Dreams. A story about a farmer. A farmer who believed. A farmer who believed and built a baseball field. A baseball field in the middle of a corn field.

And then watched as his childhood heroes stepped through the stalks and played a game.

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Greece’s own Armagedon… is in the air

Greece’s own Armagedon… is in the air

Greece's own Armagedon